The Ultimate Secret to going on the Vacation of your Dreams

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These days, the simplest things are expensive. Remember the last time you went on vacation? How all the expenses started piling up? But there's a trick that can save you some big bucks and score you the vacation you deserve. Curious?

Save using discounted gift cards

Whether a quick getaway or a long, much-needed vacation, traveling soothes the soul. Maybe you are looking for a quiet weekend with your love or a fun-filled family vacation with all the bells and whistles. Maybe you are going on a road trip to visit family and will need somewhere to stay the night. Summer is almost here and it’s time to plan your summer vacation!

Vacations are expensive, you say. Gas prices are high, airline tickets are expensive. Then there is all the eating out at restaurants. It just all adds up! What if I told you a secret that could cut your traveling expenses up to 25%?

The secret is…discounted gift cards. That’s right, after years of traveling I stumbled upon this super simple method to get my hotel bill, plane tickets, and meals paid for at a reduced rate. Whatever your travel needs there are discounted gift cards that can reduce your expenses.

You can buy discounted gift cards from web sites like,, etc. But my favorite site is which lets you compare discount gift card prices from different sites.

Today you can score 26% off a gift card. That means you pay $74 for a $100 gift card. You’ve already saved $26! There are discounted gift cards for Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Four Seasons Resort and Spa, Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Hotels, as well as deals on Hotel Gift and Global Hotel Card.

You can also buy discounted gift cards from airlines such as American and Continental (availability can vary). You will pay less than face value of the gift card, putting money back into your pocket for your trip. Driving instead of flying? You can save money on rising gas prices with a discounted gift card from a variety of gas stations.

Eating out while traveling has just become cheaper when you use discounted gift cards. Choices from fast food to high-end restaurants are available at less than face value. You can easily save up to 25% on all your meals all day long. Your travel budget just got a bit of breathing room. This calls for ice cream! (Yes, there is a discounted gift card for that too!)

What if I told you that you can get an entire trip to a Disney park for your whole family at a reduced rate? Park tickets, hotel, food, and souvenirs can all be purchased with Disney gift cards. Buy Disney gift cards priced at less than face value which can help you stretch your Disney budget and fit in more fun!

Now for another secret. Imagine if you found a great deal on the perfect vacation, and then you were able to pay for it with a discounted gift card! First, check out which discounted gift cards are currently available. Then search for sales offered from those retailers and pay for the trip with the gift cards you scored for less than face value. You just double dipped on the savings!

Your dream vacation can be a reality this year when you purchase reduced priced gift cards and save up to 25% on your trip!


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author avatar Sherri Granato
23rd May 2015 (#)

We just came home from vacation. We were up in the New England states, where nothing was cheap. The gas was surprisingly cheaper, but I could have used one of those discounted gift cards for hotel and food. Thanks for sharing. Maybe next time.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th May 2015 (#)

Hope these cards do not come with strings attached like - cannot be used at certain time etc. Thanks for this share - siva

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author avatar frugalsaver
24th May 2015 (#)

All the gift cards sold by gift card exchanges have no expiration dates. Also these sites provide guarantee for the gift card amount for a period of time after you made the purchased for up to 100 days.

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