The Way of Thinking About Resources. (The Tao Of Resourcefulness)

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To create a "rich winner", we must first think like "rich winners" at all levels. Nothing else will do. Thought and spiritual energy is the cause, value and matter are the effects. Nothing else matters. In fact, thought is spiritual energy and controls value and matter as a whole.

Start thinking, then act on what you rationally think, meaning "work on it".

We must start with thought and end with actualization. It never works the other way around. Say we started with actualization and ended with thought? Realistic values would never be produced. Like a caveman who kills his meat first and then draws pictures thinking of the hunt for the meat all the way up to the advanced inventor who thinks up his invention first, and then does the action to fulfill the invention. My point is, at the highest levels, everything works the most realistically. While you can get away with the fantasy of "actualization first" at the lowest levels of life and existence.

Realistically, the workings of reality cannot be any other way. So, think about this: the greatest ideas, and inventions started out as imaginary, they started out as thought. Everything starts out at the first point, not the last. Everything is a law of growth up, not a sideways phenomena. Everything goes forward, especially time.

The best concepts are the most efficient and realistically useful. The worst concepts are actualized first and then thought out after the mistake is made. So, when I say the words "work on it" in this section, I literally mean that an idea is good, but if it was carried out wrong, it does need work. It does not need to be given up upon.

So, that brings me to a point: The best ideas are not those that succeed in "the first try". They are the ideas that are refined through experimentation, patience, understanding of the full worth of the ideas and tolerance of making the ideas perfect. The greatest ideas take a long time to be perfected to the hilt, then they are bettered through innovation. Even Walter P. Chrysler did a better car than Henry Ford through this technique of improving upon the idea of the automobile by taking a car into his garage, taking it apart and putting it back together again to understand how to improve a great idea. So, when I say the words, "work on it", I mean all ideas can be improved, bettered and made more efficient. Like the light bulb was an improvement on the candle, and the flourescent lighting panel was an improvement on the light bulb, so it is with all good ideas that get pushed up to great. My point is, the spiritual capital of innovation is always the most important factor is also what I mean by "work on it". That ends this section, but consider this: Reality is value creation, ever more, ever better and little else. After all, how is a rational living made from work anyhow?

A seeming failure is not the end of the world.

The real end of the world is when you fully and succinctly quit. But when you go on to make yourself succeed "an inch after" even the worst failure, that is when the most genuinely resourceful of self-made miracles happen. Think about this fact, and then act on it in whatever area of life gets you the most frustrated, you will be surprised at the results of this kind of patience, understanding and tolerance can make for you.

Failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony, as Napoleon Hill also said. I use this saying myself because of not only its logic, but the reality of it. When you fail conscientiously with realization of future success from what you learned from that failure, it makes the most powerful of successes really. So, the undeniable part is that when failure is looked at with the kind of conscientousness I am writing about, it really is a slip and not a fall to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln and his counterpart Jason "Jay" Gould both had those in their lives on the way to achieving their genuine successes and goals. So, within my quotes and paraphrases is a lesson about what life teaches through conscientious failures that get transmuted into ultimate successes. Life teaches us through (at first) painful growth and then enjoyment that is fully understood.

I remember the theme song to the movie "M*A*S*H" that "suicide is painless", well I will modify that meaning fully, genuinely solving problems is the ultimate pleasure, but the absence of pain is not pleasure of any sort. So, suicide may be "painless" according to the "M*A*S*H" movie, but it is not pleasure at all, nor is quitting the path to pleasure. The only real path to pleasure is genuinely solving problems, not avoiding them or quitting "painlessly". One step beyond the problem, or quite a few steps beyond the problem is the solution and every problem has one as the opposite of that problem. All we have to do is not give up with total resolve, be flexible and realistic and there we are at our genuine solution. For, a seeming failure is not the end of the world.

That's how it is. Existence is success when it successfully exists.

Existence is success because, it successfully exists from moment to moment. It does not matter what the temporary destruction happening is at the moment, it always exists. Even when we quit, existence always exists without quitting itself.

So, think, and then act on great ideas that you have, that may be the way out of your problems or it may be a productive hint to solving your problems. But, as long as there is existence, there are solutions to everything as problems come up. Every problem has its opposite a solution as there is night and day, but unlike night and day coming, you have to put a little effort into finding your solutions to your problems. But, believe me, the solutions are there and when they come, the daylight of self-confidence and creativity will shine for you out of the night of confusion and misunderstanding or not understanding.

But, heed this warning, success is made, not born without some effort and creativity to create on your part.


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