The Wikinut Project - Day 20 in Review

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In 30 days, I will attempt to gain 5,000 page views in a day, and increase my Wikinut belt to "purple belt" status. This is a summary of my progress for Day 20 of this challenge.

How Did It Go?

Here is my latest and greatest Wikinut article:

How I Am Using My Bank of America Credit Card to Pay Off My Credit Card Debt

This article was a bit spur-of-the-moment, but it is real life procedure I am following to eliminate my credit card debt. And--as I state in the article--I just don't have the money to pay for my groceries guilt-free. Please do visit the article and give any feedback or strategies that you may have used in a similar situation; I am doing the best I can to get out of debt and get my financial future back on track. Who doesn't want to set that kind of example for their child?

Let's Look At The Stats!

Well, just looking at the patterns of viewership yet again, it remains obvious that projects and articles in series have the greatest popularity and longevity on Wikinut. Typically, the most recent Wikinut Project review will earn a few hundred page views and "back issues" earn around 10-50 views a piece. A similar trend is noted in my Fit Pregnancy article series.

So What Do I Think?

I pretty much covered it, but it does bear restating that series of articles related to weight issues, money-making, and maybe select special interest topics are most effective at earning followers and viewership. Of course this is not the only reason for writing, and yes, as comments have suggested, money cannot be the only reason for writing--and it isn't. Thank you for helping me revisit one of the great loves of my life and turn it into a functional hobby as an adult.

For Further Reading...

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Thanks for reading.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th May 2014 (#)

To make big money on line a person has to do a lot. They should submit 2-4 good factual articles per day, and should also spend time promoting those articles, such as on Facebook and Twitter. They also need to spend time commenting on other people's articles too.

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author avatar Ptrikha
16th May 2014 (#)

Yes article promotion too needs to be done very seriously.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
25th May 2014 (#)

As a mod, Mark knows what he is talking about. As a Wikinut, I hate submitting more than one article a day. I spend too much time trying to make it perfect, not that I succeed at this, and the payout is not worth the effort. But I need to bulk up my writing before going back to novelling, so... I am going to your other article now, and I warn you that I'm going to tell you in that comment about an article of mine. You will see why. ;)

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author avatar YourFriend
20th Jun 2014 (#)

On Wikinut, promotion is more important than the quantity of articles.

You need to utilize all 3 methods to earn reasonable amount of money.

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