The best and the worst of market reseach and paid survey panels

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I have been taking paid surveys for years, and have made a lot of money doing so. In this article I will share some of the best panels I have earned with, as well as some of the worst. So read on for some tips, in earning money with market research online.

Paid surveys and market research

There are good and bad sides to earning with market research and paid surveys online. The pay rate is very low, but there is always work available, if you know where to look. To make any kind of real money with paid surveys, then you do need to join a lot of panels and take a lot of surveys. Yet there are a few sites which are much better than the rest, the sites that really can bring in some cash in. Just like anything else, market research on the internet changes, and so do the panels. Some sites which were once good are now not, and some sites which were not good, are now great, so it is an ever changing industry. So which sites are paying out right now? And which sites are doing well and which sites are not?

Best paid survey panels

My best site at the moment is a site which has consistently been fantastic for me, my best one of all time. MySurvey, I have had hundreds of pounds off these over the years, they send loads of easy to qualify for surveys, and pay well. Minimum cash out is £3 for Payal or £5 for Amazon, but the site is so easy to earn with, it's worth saving it up a little for bigger payments. This site is run by lightspeed research, out of all the paid survey panels I have found and used, this is by far the best.
As far as money making goes, then the next on my list has got to be ipsos i-say. Ran by Ipsos Insight, this is a massive worldwide market research company, and a great place to earn a little money. One of the big downfalls to ipsos is that they don't pay their members in cash. Instead they pay out with a number of different gift cards, including Amazon Vouchers. For people who are not put off by not earning out right cash, then ipsos is a great place to earn some money. They send out a load of surveys every week, and are very reliable when paying members their earnings.

ValuedOpnions, here is another of the big popular paid survey panels around. This site is great, there's not a day goes by, that this survey panel doesn't send me out a survey, sometimes even two or three. The surveys are always easy to do and pay well, money really does add up quick with ValuedOpinions. The only one problem with this site, is like ipsos, they don't offer cash into Paypal when paying you your earnings. Instead they also offer a range of different gift cards, including Amazon.

There could be a debate that I have put this site to low on my list, but OpinionOutpost is the next site I have chosen. This is a great little paid survey panel to earn some cash with. They have loads of surveys available, and the surveys pay well, making this a great site. This site offers payment to their members for the surveys they take, in gift cards or cash paid into Paypal. The next great paid survey panel to earn with, is GlobalTestMarket, this is a panel that you can really earn some good money with. A couple of years ago, this site would not have been so high up on my list. That was before lightspeed research, the creators of MySurvey took over this site, and made it much better. Now they send a load of surveys out, and pay really well for them. They offer tones of different way's to get your earnings from them, like Paypal payments and all kinds of gift cards including Amazon.

More great panels

The sites above are just about the best around, but as well as these, there are some other great survey panels. Like MyVoice, I signed up for these year's ago, and for a long time time thing's were very quiet over there. Until around six months ago, when this site seemed to get much better. They started sending me out surveys regularly, and the pay was much higher than most of the other sites I use, even the sites I have written about above. I often get a survey from them worth two pounds, and the best thing is, it only takes me ten minutes to do. MyVoice has turned into a great survey panel to earn some cash with.

SurveyBods is another good one. This site has remained the same since I joined, consistent and reliable would be two good words for them. They don't send enough surveys to be as good as the sites above, but they are still one of the best survey panels around. I will get three to four surveys a week sent to me by SurveyBods, which I usually qualify for. Like MyVoice they send high paying surveys, which take no time at all to do, this is a great survey panel.
Mindmover is another site which has got a lot better recently, I joined a while back and thing's seemed slow. Yet, over time there was a change, and Mindmover started sending me surveys out every day. The surveys pay well, and this has now become a great place to earn online.

The worst survey panels

Above are the sites that have done well or are doing well for me, but what about the sites that have been a waste of time. I don't like to shout out scam to easily, but the next few sites are paid survey panels which have been a waste of my time. Maybe you can duck these sites, and save yourself some time and effort in the process.

Esearch is one place I found to be terrible. Open to a fair few different countries, this panel looked like a good one when I found it. I went through the usual routine, signing up, giving my details and verifying my email. The next thing was to sit back and wait for my surveys, but they never came. I receive about one survey a year off this site, so I might hit old age before getting a pay out from them. SurveyNetwork is another panel that didn't work for me. This was so frustrating at the time, as I thought I had found another good site. The surveys on this panel are done by cint, a massive research company, so I thought all would be good. Getting the surveys was not a problem, as SurveyNetwork send me out at least two emails a day, which usually have six or seven different surveys for me. The big problem is, I can't qualify for any. Now I am used to being fazed out of surveys, it's a common thing for me, but with these I am fazed out of every survey. It got so bad, I decided to give up on SurveyNetwork.

Another survey panel which has been a big waste of time, is AmericanConumerOpinion. I liked the look of this site when I first joined, but after signing up and filling in my profile, they have never sent me even one survey. I have heard other's claiming this to be a good site, so I don't understand, but I do know this site hasn't worked for me. Univox is another terrible paid survey panel. This site has sent me around eight surveys in two years, and I qualified for two of them. A big waste of time in my opinion. There is good and bad in everything, including market research, but paid surveys really are a way to earn some money if you need it.

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14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
14th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting post and one of a kind writing!

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Good post. Again thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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