The danger of Paypal

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I go online early one morning, mostly out of habit. It's a habit to sometimes just go online without much reason, other than to check out my email and a few other things, like my bank account etc. Speaking of bank account, I'm not too happy with my finances lately because there's not really any "abundance" of money to speak of. I'll have to limit my spending to only the very necessary.

The danger of Paypal

What's this? Four emails, two from my bank and two from Paypal. "You authorized a payment of $42.98 AUD to eBay Australia and New Zealand Pty Limited (", twice!

I did no such thing!

It would appear that on top of having no money to lose, I get an extra slap in the face with someone stealing my money outright! Two payments of $42.98 AUD is almost R800! It's a fortune!!! I can't afford that!

Paypal is supposed to be a safer way to pay, as the idea behind Paypal is that they serve as a third party where you register your credit card once, and then instead of giving every online vendor you pay, your credit card and personal information, you provide it only to Paypal once and they will make the payments to the vendor's paypal account.

However, it seems in practice, Paypal can sometimes actually turn out to be just another way criminals can defraud you by sneaking into your Paypal account somehow and stealing your money.

I change my password and call Paypal but they say the fraud department will open at 1pm my time. So I call at 1pm and report the fraudulent payments. These payments still have a "pending" status online and I can't get to the online fraudulent transaction form yet, that's why I call.

Having reported the two fraudulent transactions and being assured that the fraud team will look into it, that's about all I can do for now.

Days pass and now the transactions show a status of "Completed". This annoys me because I don't quite see why Paypal cannot cancel the transactions before the criminals have the money.

But, now that it's completed, I can fill in a fraudulent claim online, which I do.

Now the status of the claim says "Awaiting other party's response". Personally I don't know why this is necessary, because first of all "" is NOT an eBay email; in other words it's obviously an imposter and a criminal. Secondly, they have since changed their email address to; obviously NOT an ebay email.

This is so obviously just a criminal transaction by an eBay imposter, yet Paypal doesn't seem to have the intelligence to reverse the transaction while it's still possible.

So now I'm waiting, needing my money back in my credit card and meantime I'm going to have to pay interest on the debt on my credit card.

Because of the criminal who committed this fraud, I have lost a lot of faith in humanity because of the humans who live and love to create loss, problems and suffering for totally innocent victims.

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author avatar peachpurple
12th Oct 2015 (#)

I create two paypal. One for purchading and another for receiving money only. Hence, i do not use my second account for any purchase. It is safer this way and change password every forth month

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author avatar Marzeus von Hemelen
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Sounds like a great plan, but don't you then have two accounts that you have to worry about being stolen from?

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