The gold in your mind (Never mind the "gold mines" they mention in those internet posts)

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All gold mines start in the mind and spirit. Those are not my words. Those are the universal thinking process of the genuinely successful who get it. My birthday is near this writing and my birthday is right before tax day (my birthday is April 13th, 2017). These are reflections on the reality of where the gold really is. Here is my take:

Last night:

Last night, I was watching the "Shark Tank" and thinking: "Sure, they are making lots of money, but look what they are depending on to mine the real gold that exists in their souls." I was not sure about what I meant by that at first until I did a little analysis on what was in me. I look back on my life, and sure, I have had some "amazing disappointments", but I never let those really get me permanently "off the horse" or accepting the "gee, I am a failure" thing. The real loss is to perceive yourself as a permanent failure without any real chance for success or to be permanently jinxed or consider yourself genuinely nothing is the real loss. For all people with consciousness and understanding can make themselves something. Some may argue me down about that, but, the strongest inner conditions can make outer conditions that are not worthwhile into genuinely something, while the weakest inner conditions can make even a billion dollars into poverty, if you know what I mean here.

Take a serious glance into your soul and spirit and you will understand the above that I am talking about. After all, real failure is just a feeling. Real success is caused by resolve. That, we cannot argue about if you met me even right now!

A-ha! I was also looking at "The Bill O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News Channel last night with its one or two remaining repeating advertisers. When I say the weakest inner conditions can make millions and billions of dollars into poverty that is an object lesson of what I mean. Indeed, I realize that integrity is power, without integrity, all men and women are failures, pardon my English. After all, when billions of dollars are worth a cheap suit and unanswered prayers, you know what caused it: No perseverance, and no integrity. I get it, and I hope you do too. Although the answers come to me every day, they hit home last night.

If you want more, be more.

What is perseverance? What is integrity? Absolute perseverance and integrity are talked about in a book called "The Ultimate Secret To Getting Absolutely Everything You Want" and his other works like "The Secret To Conquering Fear". The secret to a great quality of life is that we have to be genuinely willing to create it without "flinching" or "game playing". I know how extreme that sounds in some ways. But, is it? After all, creating more genuinely starts with being more, and, getting what you really wants starts with genuinely knowing what it is. This is where the real gold everyone wants is. I will keep this page as short as possible, because I want the message to be easily absorbed.


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