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Business transactions at all levels, from making and spending pennies to spending and making billions comes down to this. The procedures must be scanned, the dollars will always be there, but if you get them in the wrong way, you pay more. If you get them in the right way, you ultimately make and keep more of what you make. This is what this article and these sections are simply about.

Think in details, know all is abundant and nothing wrong needs to be done.

The competitive mindset is the bane of all business workings, because from the get go, there is always a chance to become irrationally greedy in there. On the other hand, creativity assures all prosperity even from the start of its nature, because creativity knows and understands originality and abundance as concepts, and in creativity. What is there for one is there for everyone. The real loss is this: When competition for "what is there becomes master" and the abundance of opportunities to be creative is ignored totally. In fact, what do you think is really happening with the car business by ignoring alternative fuels to gasoline or oil? Exactly. I had to mention a "blaring example" to show that creativity is where it is at and competitiveness does nothing to enhance life whatsoever at the higher levels. For example, animals compete for the meat. But, ever better computers and light bulbs are created. So when I say, nothing wrong needs to be done, you do know exactly what I mean by that, now that I have elucidiated or made clearer the concept.

In thought, the naturally creative person is right who does not compete. I will explain: A person that competes for what is already there is trying to "corner" something that cannot be "cornered" really, because if one looks elsewhere creatively, there is abundance of that commodity found, and if there is not an abundance, more will ultimately be developed or made creatively by nature or genuinely creative methods. So, when I say, nothing wrong needs to be done, nothing wrong does need to be done. Sure, you can do wrong if you want to, or let fear and competitive thinking take over, but it will cost you more than if you go to a creative place and do what you need to do. Indeed, creativity is the right way, genuinely derivative and fearful competition is the genuine wrong way. I made the terms of creativity simple sounding and called it the right way for a reason. Think about this, all wars, jealousy and murders are competitive. Answer this rhetorical question I end with for yourself. What all is creative?

Tomorrow's troubles are imaginary, think about today's hard cash and think about it seriously.

Every trouble in the future is imaginary reality. Reality now when it comes to reality is where it is at. Deal with it without anger or fear, be cool, even when it is deadly or frightening, because tomorrow is a genuine promissory note that is not promised to you or anyone. So be like a good and winning gambler that is successful at winning, really: (i do not mean this in a negative way as you soon shall see.) Know exactly when to come in and when to get out and ideally do both with precision in the now with full attention on the current working reality.

Sure, it sounds machine like, but, I am describing a natural human function that also feels good to a human being: Winning. When I write about winning, I mean a conscious sort of precise in the moment working winning that does not really depend on luck, but more on genuine skill. Not on appearances, but on the realities of winning, which may not always look good, but, they always are good genuinely. This is the key to mastering reality. Sure, you may not look as elegant or dramatic and skillful as "The Cincinati Kid" flashing signals and looking in mirrors beating everybody including the cheaters. But you will meet your realistic expectations of winning if you act in line with the reality that is required in the right ways.


"To gather fruit, we must plant seeds" the old anonymous saying goes. Well, that is the reality of the situation in economics, farming of any sort and life. We must grow our lives from the seeds we plant in reality. For, the real loss is when we expect instant results from what we plant or expect results to be too quick, or we try to take credit for the planting of the seeds of another.

So, think about this fact, all harvests come down to the initial care and planting of seeds. Seeds that grow into trees and fruits, whether economic or otherwise. If we are good, we get a harvest. If we are bad, they die. Sure, I could make this more complex and hard to get. But is it? No.


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