The rags to riches story through Chain Business

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"Join this Chain business and all your financial problems will end. I became rich in just 6 months. If I can, so can you. Let me tell you how."

The beginning

Once upon a time, I have been victimized by this wonderful promise that I can become rich in just a few weeks. It was a time when my family was going through a tough financial situation. I was looking for any way that would help me in lessening the burden on my parents. One of my friends (rather, a so called friend) took it upon herself to pull me away from the troubles. She invited me to her home and for the first few days shared very personal secrets about herself. You know how we girls are, we become close when we share details about our lives. I started counting her as one of my trustworthy friends, told her about my financial problems - literally everything. She told me about this business that she was involved in. All you had to do is join, and then just add two other person. That's all. Now when they start adding people under them, i will get the commission. Easy huh! She said she has already started earning and showed be a check of Rs 3000.

An Easy Prey

With all the problems going on in my life, I really felt this was a golden opportunity. But I had a few apprehensions. Firstly I was supposed to pay Rs. 7000 to join. Secondly I was still a student and none of my friend would join. So I couldn’t think of any 2 people to add below me. But my dear friend assured me. She showed me catalogues which said I will get return gifts worth Rs 11000, so I would instantly gain back the money I invest. And about the two members, that she promised she would take care. She showed me the list of people who are waiting to join the business. "Since you are my dear friend, I will first add you and then put these people under you." The prospect of doing nothing and earning money got me. I became and easy prey

The Bitter Truth

I couldn’t have asked my parents for the money, so I took a loan from one of my friend with the promise to return it within 2 months. I joined with all the confidence that I have taken a great decision. But my confidence was knocked hard in the head when I saw my return gifts. All the items promised were definitely there, but they were of the cheapest quality possible. It was not even worth half of what I paid. I cross questioned my friend, but she said too many things and confused me. I hated her, but didn’t argue, because she was going to put the two members under me. Well, that was like hoping against hope. She never kept her promise and I realized she never intended to. The fear that she would tell my parents kept my mouth shut and I never confronted her. But I learnt few lessons for life.

Lessons Learnt

Below are some lessons which became my principle after this experience :
1. No one will ever earn for you while you sit at home doing nothing
2. Never believe in schemes that are too good to be true
3. Never reveal your personal problems to people around you, especially if they become friendly all of a sudden
4. Never become a member of a chain business because they are not actually doing anything - just bluffing people.
5. If you want to learn everything through your very own experience, you might have to pay a high price. So take advice of more experienced people.
6. Last but not the least, if someone fooled you and you do nothing about you, it will haunt you for years.

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interesting indeed...I had a big down line with Herbalife but that was long ago...thank you my friend...

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