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In a book called "The Richest Man In Babylon" by George Samuel Clayson, the best advice in it is the simplest: Get your purse fattening. Sure, the part about "your" is actually "thy", but I wanted to make the reality and tack position this article is taking clear. This is that story.

From fat matress to genuine expansion

It is one thing to hide lots of money in a home safe or a fat mattress, but it is always better to actively expand your money, and get your purse, wallet and accounts fattening.

With that said, I also say this: Thinking about expansion instead of purely saving is always a good or great thing. Robert Kiyosaki had the right idea with his "Rich Dad mentality", but he put it in ways that are not too basic. Although his "wealth quadrant" idea is good, he makes things rocket science where they should be basic common sense. Basic common sense says as George Samuel Clayson says: Get thy purse fattening. Robert Kiyosaki says, it is better to be in the "B" quadrant or Big Business quadrant than any other, like the "E" quadrant or employee quadrant which in any sense is the worst, because as an employee someone in the "B" quadrant just as human as you are controls your fate, only they had "better breaks" in a sense.

Purse fattening only really happens when you have some modicum of self-control and independence, not fearfully saving in the mattress for that future date "when you have self control and independence". In this sense, Robert Kiyosaki's "I" or Investor quadrant when done right meshes and combines with the "B" quadrant to make financial independence or rule the roost. Either way, investing is the best way to finance anything instead of being an employee with a fat mattress that accumulates. It is all right to start as an employee, but self-employment or big business in some ways offers more opportunities. Either way it goes and any way it goes, accumulated fat mattresses do not offer growth, but genuine expansion based on principles and observances of reality does offer all the genuine growth. In fact, that is reality, not draconian complicated complex ideas that vary too much like a Rube Goldberg/overly complex diagram cartoon.

What counting pennies comes down to.

The devil is in the fearful details, like I mentioned about being an employee with a fat mattress above without the reality of growth and genuine self-empowerment behind you. Fearing and hoarding without use and investment is the ultimate poverty and weakness there is. Productiveness and profit is not exactly in counting pennies, it is in the genuine profit margin and power you generate in the thousands of dollars and hundreds of dollars at a time.

What do you think makes the executive separate from the mere worker. "All them zeros in the number in front of the whole numbers from one to nine on the paycheck." Get it, all fat mattress thinking comes down to counting pennies genuinely.

Think like an investor and you will reap investment. Fear investing and hoard, and you reap that.

Things happen, so lick your wounds and go on fighting

I was going to name this page section differently, but it probably would not get published, so I said in the title "things happen, so lick your wounds and go on fighting". Life happening is usually a slip, not a fall when it goes wrong, when it goes right with a slight deviation, it is a course correction like in a flight. No matter what, it all goes on, it is all good, as long as you do not accept defeat as final or a finality.

In life, as well as in everything, to win we must persist. Well, persistence can get hard when things get seemingly too rough. But a little hint here, though: The tougher we become, the more we grow through without quitting. That is especially true with monetary situations. When we can look ultimate patience, understanding and tolerance and say, "It's only money, I can make more almost anytime." Then we are genuinely ready to do better. But if that is not happening, you are not ready, and you have to get there. Do not rush it, it will happen as you "grow up", get a few childlike skinned knees in the process and toughen up to persist to wealth. Sure, you may not like the toughening up process, but ultimately, you will appreciate the results of the necessary maturity.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your article.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th May 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your article.

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