Tips and Tricks to Help You Make Money and Save It Too!!

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Struggling to save the pennies in time for Christmas this year? No fear! Here is a quick guide to start making money whilst saving TODAY!

Why Making Money AND Saving Money is NOT Impossible!

It may seem like an impossible task - saving the pennies whilst making money too. In the current economic climate, we all need a shoulder to cry on; what with the lack of jobs and bleak outlook of saving cash.
I should know, as a third year University student about to finish, it seems near enough impossible to spark a job offer or shine a light on what I will do for money.
But if University has taught me anything, it has seriously taught me how money CAN be your friend - as long as you love, care, and cultivate it!

How Should I Make Money?

We've seen it all before - "sell things on Ebay" or "fill in online questionnaires" or maybe even "sell your body", as was shown in the news recently, with some students whom were so desperate for cash they embarked upon avenues their parents would not have been too proud of!
So, do these things really make quick money? What should I turn to to make quick cash?

8 Quick Tips to Sell & Save

1. Personally, I am in full support of Ebay - to me, it has proven to be one of the most reliable resources for making a little cash aside from a job. But don't get too attached - it is also a very easy way to spend the pennies too!
2. Invest in store cards (as long as you use them wisely!). Store cards can be valuable if you, the buyer, are clever. If you shop somewhere regularly, and repay it back on the store card within the allotted timeframe, companies often send out vouchers to reward you on your next shop - look into this - i've tried and tested it, and it has proven extremely worthwhile.
3. Keep on top of your finances and don't get sidetracked by..."But I need this"! Don't ignore your statements and don't leave them unopened in a dark drawer you never look in! You have to face reality and be honest about your spending before you can work on how to save the cash.
4. Ditch the Label - Thrift stores and charity shops have some SERIOUSLY amazing stuff in, if you can be bothered to rummage through it all! I promise you, if you can take the time to have a rummage through you will soon realise, as have I, that clothing in huge chain stores is ridiculously overpriced - some of the best clothing I have has come from the corner of a charity shop - the compliments prove it!
5. Be Inventive - start up a small business venture and use the networking devices on the internet to promote it for FREE! Twitter and Facebook are invaluable resources for this point. They alone, if used creatively, can help a small business to thrive in a visibly growing online marketplace.
6. No More Takeout! Its nearly 2012, so get healthy and save cash you would have spent on fast food and restaurants.
7. Cultivate your Cash - Look after it, and it will look after you. I promise, this is so true - don't leave pounds in your purse, loose change is dangerous! I always spend loose change on things I don't need - a snack, a magazine, and so on. Invest in a money box you CAN'T open until it is full. Pop your loose change in this to avoid spending it and "ta-da!" you will have a nice little pot of pounds when you crack it open.
8. Be Positive - Negativity towards money undermines the way in which you save and distribute your cash.

A little goes a long way...I've used all of the tips and tricks above throughout the last few months and I promise you that this has really helped me in the short and long term. I hope these tips also transcend into valuable changes with regard to your money, and that 2012 can be a positive and prosperous year for all who read this article!


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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
22nd Dec 2011 (#)

Excellent list of tips. Definitively a excellent ways to save money and to earn a few extra. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
23rd Dec 2011 (#)

Girl you rock! As Oprah would say, if she could meet up with you. I am the King of thrift in my little world in Durban South Africa, and nothing pleases me more than to hear words like yours, coming from the youth, our future leaders. The very best of good wishes to you and your loved ones:-))

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author avatar Mikey.
28th Dec 2011 (#)

Olivia you are a clever girl,I am glad to say i wish there were more like you about,many young people are easily parted with their cash.

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author avatar ittech
28th Jan 2012 (#)

Sounds great.

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