Tips to Invest PayPal Money to Earn More Income Online

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Your PayPal money can be used to start an online business. There are many opportunities available online where you can invest and multiply the fruits from your online hard work and efforts. One is to invest some of your writing income to purchase your own domain name website or blog site and use them for your desired online business.

I just hit my goal and dream

Now I am running my own website The money I used to purchase and to register my own domain name was from my PayPal balance. They are earnings I accumulated from my online writing hobby with the different revenue sharing sites I am connected with, namely: Wikinut, Triond, ExpertsColumn and PickyDomains.

The fruits from my hard work and efforts

Ten years ago, I had dreamed to own a website. Yes. Those years, I was used to write for WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and other hosting sites I knew including e-groups and forum groups available on the Internet - to cater my stuff like articles, videos, music and photos. Of course, until now I am still enjoying the good atmospheres of those sites but not as a owner but merely as a free user. And when I learned that by online blogging can make money online, I had changed my goal and target. I had surfed down the World Wide Web to look for websites who're accepting amateur writers to publish their products on their websites. And I found some - one is Wikinut Publishing Site. Now I can say that there is money from blogging because now I am picking up the fruits from my hard work and efforts.

Fees to register a website

On January 20, 2013, I started checking out WordPress, Blogger, Google, GoDaddy and other websites who can advise me on how to register a website under the applicant's name and control. WordPress charges range from 99US$ to 166US$ for a year to own a domain name. Blogger and Google are charging only a less than 20US$ for a year but an applicant would have to pay the fees through a credit card, debit card, Google Wallet and Bank but not through PayPal and the transaction between the applicant and those sites are not done directly with them but through GoDaddy. I didn't like the arrangement so, I skipped from those sites.

Weebly was my best choice

On the same day, I found Weebly. It is named one of TIME's 50 best websites. It has an easy drag and drop interface to create a website or blogsite. One can use Weebly as a free user or a Weebly Pro. If you are a Weebly free user you can use the site to create your free website or blog site but you cannot use all the interface tools needed to create your desired website or blog site. But if you're a Weebly Pro you can enjoy to use all the interface tools found on their website to create your desired and dreamed website. At Weebly you have the choice either to register your own domain name and to become a Weebly Pro.

January 20, 2013, I registered Wikinut Awesome Website

Yes. On January 20, 2013, I registered my own website domain name WikinutAwesome. Through my PayPal balance, I paid it for 39.95US$ which is to expire on January 20, 2014 and on the same day, I also paid another 27.49US$ for Weebly Pro Account for the period of 6 month. Now WikinutAwesome is running and is now enjoying hundreds of unique visitors as you see the above below.

The landing page of Wikinut Awesome

The landing page of WikinutAwesome is about Best Writing and Money Making Sites Online. I created this page to promote all the revenue sharing sites I am connected with namely: Triond, Wikinut, ExpertsColumn, CashMyStudio, HubPages and Squidoo. My reason is that is to tell the world that by venturing with these sites one has the opportunity to enjoy his online income. So far there are about seven pages now available on this web, namely:

I highlighted the above pages with their permalinks to show to anyone its location and as part of the marketing strategy on how we can link other pages the natural way which is now needed as Google Venice updates is already intensified and this method was already discussed on one of the articles I published on this site re Eight Ways to Expose Articles Across The Internet Which are Legal and Without Spamming.

I am still planning to add more pages to Wikinut Awesome

Of course, there are more pages to come as I am planning to add more pages for writers and advertisers where they can promote their websites, blog sites and other products they liked and loved to share to the billion surfers across the net. WikinutAwesome website is open for your visits, comments and suggestions.

Wikinut Awesome is a proof that there is really money from blogging

I thank Wikinut publishing site, Triond publishing site, Picky Domains site and ExpertsColumn publishing site. From these four Revenue Sharing Sites - I hit my goal and dream to run my own domain name website from the money I earned from writing and publishing on them. This article discusses how did I used my PayPal money and why I invested some of my PayPal balance to own a website which is under my name and control. This article is also partly a review about wikinut awesome website which I registered on January 20, 2013. This website is a proof that there is really money from blogging.

Wikinut is open for all your awesome and original articles. Join Wikinut Community - write, publish and earn.


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author avatar GV Rama Rao
28th Jan 2013 (#)

Congratulations. However, are you making money by having your own website? If so could you please explain the ways and means you are using for it? I have been having my own website but I never thought of making money from it.

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author avatar ppruel
29th Jan 2013 (#)

OK Sir GV - at this time I have already activated my Google AdSense and other Ads provider to my website. I am also planning to include infolinks. They are ads provider that help monetize a website. Both can be applied on blog sites or websites. And then I am planning also to attract advertisers to use my website for their products advertisements - this includes other writers for their awesome, interesting and inspiring articles and other stuff.

My website is open to all surfers and if some one wanted to use the ideas I injected on every activity found on my site - they can use them free - but they should link the website location or mention the author.

Yes from my website and blog sites I am running are earning from its contents.

In other words if you really wanted to monetize your website and blog site you have to activate your Google AdSense or Chitika on your sites.

If you visited WikinutAwesome website - you will see that the first page or the landing page is about Websites where online writers can venture for their online income - I created that page to help promote those websites as I am also connected with them.

As per SEO - a website that connected to other websites, blog sites attract more crawlers.

If interested to link your website to my website - just use the form I created on my web.

Before I close - my very advise monetize your website. Your website can earn from page views. How much more if there are ads and some of your visitors have clicked those ads it's an additional income. Thank you. See you around again.

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author avatar arman123
29th Jan 2013 (#)

Take my best wishes. I love to see ambition people , and you website is the best example you set for all your hard work of 10 years. I hope to read the progress of your website in near future . best of luck .

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author avatar ppruel
29th Jan 2013 (#)

Thank you Arman - I appreciate them. If you would have the time to visit my website (that would be y wish) - I just updated some of its pages. I have many plans for the site - I am planning to add more pages for writers and for advertisers where they can promote their best products. Again thank you. See you around again.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
31st Jan 2013 (#)

Thanks Paul for this generous share for others to benefit. Step-by-step is the obvious way. I will visit your website to understand more about your exciting journey - siva

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author avatar ppruel
31st Jan 2013 (#)

Thanks too Sir Siva - yes welcome to WikinutAwesome. I have already activated the infolinks together with other merchants ads. Wish to see you there around.

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author avatar Kingwell
27th Feb 2013 (#)

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your knowledge

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author avatar Esther Thornburg
21st Jun 2013 (#)

Very good, badly needed advice. Glad you shared this.

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author avatar Invest money to make money
20th Dec 2013 (#)

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author avatar Torontosecuritycompany
5th Feb 2014 (#)

Only a few blogger would discuss this subject the way you do.

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