To Appreciate All that We Do Have is Positively Essential

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It is easy to want what we don't have. It is essential, that we appreciate what we do have. Positively.

Essentially, Perspective is Positively Key

When we are at our job, it may not be our most ideal place to work. However, it is practical and quite a better thing to have (our particular job), than to not have one at all.

When we are driving home from work from a job that was hectic, we may find that the weather is quite uncomfortable, and that the traffic is annoyingly frustrating. However, it is quite better than not having shelter or transportation at all.

When we are in line at the grocery store and we don't have enough money to cover our favorite name brand product, it may make us want to become rich so that we may not have to get the generic brand. However, it is quite better than not being able to afford any type of food product.

When we are waiting at the doctor's office, and the wait seems like forever... it is quite better than not being able to afford healthcare of any kind.

When we misplace the television remote control, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It is simply harder to change the channel, and quite easier to pay closer attention when we see those charity commercials about helping people who are living in poverty.

It is our positive perspective that is quite essentially key in how we perceive our circumstances, and the insight that we gain by looking at and appreciating the things that we do have, is paramount.

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author avatar vpaulose
20th Mar 2012 (#)

Thank you dear Marlene for this great write.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th Mar 2012 (#)

I believe we are what we co-create. If the weather is bad thank God for the rain and get on with it as that means there is water to drink.
If the brand is too expensive, switch to the alternative till you have enough to buy the correct brand. But only in products without compromising quality.
Always have alternate ways of keeping entertained when you wait like write, read, listen to music or pick up a conversation with the neighbour.
Well use the TV buttons and then thank the fact that you are exercising while walking to the TV and back.
I never look at my misfortunes but look at the learnings I get from it and bring about a change in my life that would enable me to reach a greater height. It has never ever failed me.

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