To Ensure a Better future, get insured today.

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General tendency is to run away when ever there is a chance to meet a Life Insurance Agent down the road, or to shut the door when an agent makes a house call. A positive look about insurance.

To Ensure a better future, get insured today

If we have a way to look into the feature and know what will happen later today, tomorrow or for that matter next week or down the line next month, it would have been a great boon to prepare and brace ourselves for what fate has for us in its store. But as there is no such thing which enables us to look into the feature, except the crystal ball of the soothsayer, it is wise to prepare ourselves, insure ourselves today itself to meet the unexpected needs that may arise in the feature. Let us see how this policy works for us to ensure a better future.
Contrary to the popular belief, life insurance is not about insuring one’s life so that the spouse or the relative will get a sum of money on the untimely death of the insurer. There is more to insurance than that. Of course, God forbid, if that unfortunate incidence occurs, insurance will help to tide over some financial difficulties, but there are lot of other benefits when a person insure his or her life. Let us look into some of the benefits when you put your signature on the dotted line in the form that your Insurance Agent proffers before you.
1 The first and foremost benefit is that your life is secured against any unfortunate incidence that endangers your life. Though nobody wants to die at an early age, as the life is unpredictable, you may not know when that unfortunate thing happens. Your spouse or your family will get some financial help to face the reality in that case.
2 Health is Wealth as the saying goes. But there are instance when you contract some illness that too in your early family life. There are a number of insurance policies nowadays that also offer you a good scope to meet the medical expenses. Find out from your Agent or Advisor which one will suit your needs that you can afford.
3 By insuring your life, you not only secure your life, but also the lives of your beloved ones, viz. your wife and children. For example, there are policies where you will pay Premium (monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual installment for the insurance policy.) for certain years, and then you will get a regular income every month and a good lump sum amount at the maturity of your Son or Daughter. This sum will help to give some good education for your son or help to meet some of the wedding expenses of your daughter, if not all.
4 There are some ‘money back policies’ in life insurance that give you back payment at regular intervals as the term of the policy progresses. These payments will help you to meet some expenses like furbishing your home or getting new household equipment that your wife yearns for. At the end of the policy term, you will get your Sum Assured on the policy as well.
You should be aware of the basic fact that, all the benefits, irrespective of what type of policy you take, will give you benefits of the policy ONLY when you pay your premium as per the stipulated time period for that policy. When you do that you can be rest assured that you have the protective cover of LIFE INSURANCE.


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