Top 4 Work From Home Business Ideas

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Top 4 Work From Home Business Ideas are not the be all and end all. The business ideas mentioned in this page are doable by anyone and the only tool you will need is the determination to learn in order to earn.

1) Product Sales

Product sales is a very viable home business. Many entrepreneurs were born out of their closet selling products they valued or invented. You can check out amazing success stories from

There are various categories in product sales. You can pick and choose the one that you are comfortable with.

Sell Personal Products

These are products that are your very own. You can create greeting cards, wood carvings, cross stitches, fancy frames, glass paintings, paper flowers, toys etc. The item you want to sell is only limited by your imagination and skill. You can always pick up a new skill in your nearest community center where they offer classes for minimal or no fee.

Once you have your product ready, you can sell via regular method of advertising in your daily paper classified, niche magazines or by distributing flyers. You can also spread the word through your friends and family Otherwise, you can make use of the Internet to promote your products.


Source for products that are unique and connect with the manufacturer to negotiate best prices. You can find manufacturers and wholesales at or Get product catalogue or product images from them and start advertising. You can order before you make the sale or after depending on how comfortable your initial budget is. You can sell them via Facebook and MySpace pages. These 2 are the best social networking sites that will get you good results in terms of sales.

Affiliate Products
Affiliate products can be sourced from affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Commission Junction. Share-a-sale, linkshare etc. You can also source for affiliate programs that are exclusive. These type of affiliate products are not found on the affiliate networks. Therefore, the competition is lower and you will be able to reap the benefits faster.

2) Professional Freelance Services

Freelance is a very big area and the possibilities of what you can do freelance is endless. Also, freelance is a flexible business model where you can decide on your price, your hours and your workload. Here are some freelance stuff you can possibly do even though you are only limited by your passion and motivation.

Editing / Proofreading

You can opt to do this online or offline. Wherever there is content, there is a requirement for an editor / proofreader. If you are good, you can make quite a sum of money on your each assignment.

Freelance Writing for Magazines

Magazines are known for their content rush. New / newer version of the old contents are in high demand and if you have the flair for magazine writing, you can be well on your way to a very glossy home business. Also, magazine writing can be learnt.

Resume Writing

Many people who are in and out of the job market, including college kids looking for internships would need this service. If you know how to write killer resume's you will soon hear the phones ring for your service.

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is a passionate business. If you have set up your home well enough and your taste for choice is known to your friends and family, you will already be in business. If not, it is time to spice up your own home and get started, Interior decoration magazines are aplenty in the market. If you do not have a clue, you can start reading up and if you find that you do have a passion and can make good choices about colors and have an eye for fine details, you can start work.

Wedding / Event Planner

Wedding / Event planners are not new and there are many in the market. You can plan if you are resourceful. You will need to find ways to make yourself different in terms of your pricing or the service you offer. You will need to know how to make a couple and his friends and family feel special.

For this, you need to start right from your own. You need to ask your friends or families to let you organize any event that is happening in their life. It could birthday parties, fund raising for their company, charity events, dinner and dance etc. It could be anything as long as you can start from home. You need to build base before you venture. You need to build references and quality networks. The advantage you will have over the established planners is that you are ready for anything.

Freelance Photographer

Selling stock photos online is a good source of income and if you can do it full time from home, you can make a lot of money by offering your services to your neighborhood as well.

Personal Trainer

Are you a Fitness freak? Did you just transform form being the plump doormat into a sexy? You could take up a personal training fitness course and become a certified personal trainer. The course could last from anywhere between 3 - 12 months. Personal trainers are high in demand and you can charge by the hour. If you are also able to provide nutrition advise, you have hit the jackpot.

Dog Walker

As much as people need exercise, dogs do too. Walking dogs everyday is good for them and many people just do not find the time to do it because of work commitments or family commitments. As such, if you can offer your services in the mornings or evenings in your neighborhood, you could be making a comfortable sum of money every month / session.

These are just some of the freelance professional services you can offer from your home. Again, you are only limited by your passion and your motivation.

3) Child Friendly Services

Child Care

Children have very specific needs and something the parents would be willing to pay for. The main concern for any parent in this economy is a good child care service. If you can provide a pre school or after school care service with either a planned curriculum or as a play group, your service will be much appreciated. Start small by letting the parents in your building and the neighborhood know about your service. Your offer will be considerable should you have any kids on your own. You can also couple this with baby sitting service in times of need as well.


Planning kid friendly events is loads of fun and have the potential to make lots of money as well. You are looking at a market that is huge. If you love kids, you could be literally playing for money instead of working.

Couple that with a Mascot service and the kids will love you.

And, if you can put in a balloon sculpting service as well, you will be favorite!

Home Hair Cut and Salon Service

Starting a hair cut and salon service for kids in your home or as mobile service in your neighborhood is another child friendly service you can offer. If you have noticed, you would realize that professional kids' saloons charge a premium for the service they offer and parents are willing to pay for the service and the ambiance. Toddler's are the worst of the lot when it comes to sitting still and letting you touch their hair. If you have the tactics to keep a kid still while you style the hair, you could carve yourself a very good niche by doing this.

You can also extend your services to makeup and dress rentals for parties and school functions as well.

Tuition Service

Tuition industry is huge and it is booming. You do not even need a Graduate Degree to get started. As long as you know how to teach and are able to keep up with the current syllabus. you can start. Start by gathering students on a one on one basis by collaborating with local communities in your neighborhood or by placing ads in newspapers. You can provide the tuition yourself one on one or as a group.

You can also be a tuition coordinator whereby you match students with tutors for a fee. You can place ads for tutors and start a database with all the qualification and other details required. When a request comes in, you can match the details and set up the initial session, getting a fee for your service.

4) Food Business

Food Business is for those who are food lovers; those who love to cook, eat and feed others. You can do catering services for parties and events. You can start a lunch service such as vegetarian meals, if they are hard to find in the area. You can also start a pre-order cookies and cakes business. However, before you start, you need to check if your country requires any form of licence before you can start your business. The factors considering hygiene apart from others need to be looked into.


In summary, you need not be in the office 9-5 and work yourself weary and feel bad about missing your family moments or feeling stressed. You can start a home based business as long as you have a passion for what you are doing and have the determination to succeed.

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