Ultra-Secrecy Surrounds Barack Obama’s New Global Economic Treaty - by Michael Snyder

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A "trade" Treaty that will ultimately could collapse our entire economic infrastructure, is The Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. This was written by a blogger from a website called "The Economic Collapse". I wanted to share this here as it needs wide dissemination. This is the final agenda item of the Obama regime to destroy America, and economically shred it to pieces! Everyone will be caught up in this facade that this regime has created. Please read on cautiously!

The REAL Secrecy of Obama

Michael Snyder's article is as follows:

"Barack Obama is secretly negotiating a global economic treaty which would destroy thousands of American businesses and millions of good paying American jobs. In other words, it would be the final nail in the coffin for America’s economic infrastructure. Obama knows that if the American people actually knew what was in this treaty that they would be screaming mad, so the negotiations are being done in secret. The only people that are allowed to look at the treaty are members of Congress, and even they are being banned from saying anything to the public. American workers are about to be brutally stabbed in the back, and thanks to all of this secrecy and paranoia they won’t even see it coming.

The name of this new treaty is “the Trans-Pacific Partnership”, and it is being touted as perhaps the most important trade agreement in history. But very few people in this country are talking about it, because none of us are allowed to see it. An article that was just released by Politico detailed the extreme secrecy that is surrounding this trade agreement…
If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cellphone at the door.

If you’re a member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving.

And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.
This treaty is going to affect the lives of every man, woman and child living in this nation, and yet it is deemed so “important” that none of us can know what is in it?

Are you sure that we still live in a Republic?

This treaty will cover 40 percent of the global economy, and U.S. officials hope that the EU, China and India will become members eventually as well…
Right now, there are 12 countries that are part of the negotiations: the United States, Canada, Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. These nations have a combined population of 792 million people and account for an astounding 40 percent of the global economy.

And it is hoped that the EU, China and India will eventually join as well. This is potentially the most dangerous economic treaty of our lifetimes, and yet there is very little political debate about it in this country.
If the EU, China and India did eventually join the treaty, that would essentially make it a trade agreement for the entire planet.

This is a really big deal, and it should be openly debated by the American people. But instead, Barack Obama has chosen to shroud the entire process with as much secrecy as possible.

Not only that, he also wants Congress to give him fast track negotiating authority. If Congress does that, they would essentially be saying that they blindly trust Obama to negotiate a good treaty for us. At the end of the process, Congress would be able to vote the treaty up or down, but would not be able to amend it.

That sounds insane, right? Well, if you can believe it, Republicans in the Senate are quite eager to give Barack Obama this authority.

And this is not just an economic treaty. The following is an excerpt from one of my previous articles…
It is basically a gigantic end run around Congress. Thanks to leaks, we have learned that so many of the things that Obama has deeply wanted for years are in this treaty. If adopted, this treaty will fundamentally change our laws regarding Internet freedom, healthcare, copyright and patent protection, food safety, environmental standards, civil liberties and so much more. This treaty includes many of the rules that alarmed Internet activists so much when SOPA was being debated, it would essentially ban all “Buy American” laws, it would give Wall Street banks much more freedom to trade risky derivatives and it would force even more domestic manufacturing offshore."

China's Ultimate Robots

"We have lost thousands of businesses and millions of jobs already, and this new treaty will make things much worse.

And of course eventually even the ultra-cheap labor on the other side of the planet will be replaced. This is something that is already happening in China. Just today there was a news story about a new manufacturing facility in China that will use only robots…
Construction work has begun on the first factory in China’s manufacturing hub of Dongguan to use only robots for production, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

A total of 1,000 robots would be introduced at the factory initially, run by Shenzhen Evenwin Precision Technology Co, with the aim of reducing the current workforce of 1,800 by 90 percent to only about 200, Chen Xingqi, the chairman of the company’s board, was quoted as saying in the report.

The company did not give a figure for the investment in the factory, but said its production capacity could reach a value of 2 billion yuan (US$322 million) annually.
All of this is very bad news for American workers. Whether it is ultra-cheap labor on the other side of the globe or new technology, big corporations are constantly looking for ways to produce things less expensively."

Thanks to Obama's Trade Policies (yeah, really "working" aren't they?)

"But in order to have a middle class, we have got to have middle class jobs. The middle class in the United States is steadily disappearing, and neither political party seems very concerned about this at all.

Even without this new trade treaty, our trade deficit with the rest of the planet continues to grow even larger. We just learned that the monthly U.S. trade deficit for March rose to $51.4 billion.

That was the largest monthly trade deficit since October 2008. If you will remember, in October 2008 we were experiencing the worst financial crisis since the days of the Great Depression.

And if you take oil out of the number, our trade deficit for the month of March would be the worst ever recorded.

Thank you Barack Obama. Your trade policies are really “working”.

Because the trade deficit was much worse than expected, that is going to push the GDP number for the first quarter into negative territory…
Greg Daco of Oxford Economics says he expects the wider than expected trade deficit to prompt the government to revise its estimate of 0.2% growth in U.S. gross domestic product for the first quarter to a 0.5% contraction.
That means that if we have another contraction in the second quarter, we will officially be in a recession.

In fact, we could be in a recession right now (according to the official government definition) and not even know it yet.

One of the biggest reasons why the U.S. economy has been struggling so much in recent years is due to our trade policies. If we had balanced trade with other nations, our cumulative economic growth since mid-2009 would have been nearly 20 percent higher…
Since rising trade balances subtract from economic growth, the increase in this real non-oil goods deficit has now cut cumulative U.S. economic growth after inflation by a stunning 19.49 percent since the recovery technically began in mid-2009.

Are you starting to see why I get so fired up about trade?"
----- I'm beginning to see Michael's point, so maybe I should get "fired up" too! ------

"Russian components, US Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!" -- excerpt from "Armageddon"

"But instead of encouraging big corporations to do what is right for the American people, our system greatly rewards companies like Apple that proudly send jobs offshore. The following is an excerpt from an outstanding article by Andrew Zatlin…
Nine years, a trillion dollars in sales, and almost no taxes paid. That’s just the starting point for wondering about Apple’s actual contribution to the US economy.

Apple’s success drags down the US GDP. The behemoth that is Apple sold almost 200M phones last year, none of which were made in the US or used components made here. Instead of exporting $100B in iPhones, the US imported $50B. That $150B swing matters in terms of balance of trade, GDP and jobs. If you wanted to improve the US economy, there’s no better place to start than with Apple and smartphones.

Apple undermines the US manufacturing base. Assembly matters and manufacturing matters more. There was a time when Apple could have assembled phones and tablets in the US, but that would mean spending an extra $5 per phone since that’s approximately the extra labor cost to build that $700 phone here instead of in Vietnam or China. Assembly may not be a competitive, value-add step but it does employ a lot of people.

Unfortunately, it would also cut Apple’s profits by $1B, shrinking the company’s annual net income from $45B to $44B. Apple wouldn’t notice a drop in profits of $1B because it’s not putting its cash to use: Apple has $200B in cash conveniently parked outside of the US, not doing anything. On the other hand, assembling in the US would employ tens of thousands of people.
You can read the rest of that great article right here.

Our trade policies matter. Decades of incredibly foolish decisions have ripped our economic infrastructure to shreds, and we are slowly but steadily committing national economic suicide.

Now, Barack Obama is absolutely determined to deliver the finishing blow, and it is all being done in secret.

When are you going to wake up and start getting angry America? "

I sure hope Michael's article has spurred on others to "Wake Up and Start Getting Angry", as much as I am about this! This is what one of my first articles I started here, about Getting Involved! ----- Ignorance is not exactly BLISS in this instance because a shock to our system like this would be a shock not only physically (some people who are heavily invested could get a heart attack over this), but mentally as well.....and when that happens, widespread anarchy engulfs every major city in every state. Are we prepared for this?

Do a Google Search for Trans Pacific Partnership

Getting interested now? If you want more info, just do some Google searches on this topic, Trans Pacific Partnership -- Google comes out with many articles and blogs on this There is also a group on Facebook that created their own group who are very concerned with this trade deal that even our Congress will allow to go down in the anals of our history! They call themselves, "Expose the TPP", and this is their Facebook page -
--------> Click here <----------
or if that doesn't work here, go to Facebook, type in "ExposetheTPP" as shown, in their search block at the top of their page. If you are living in the USA, you need to EXPOSE your Congressmen to this and get on their cases about it; we ELECT THEM to work for US, remember? They don't work for ANY President, whatsoever! I don't care WHO's in the White House! This is NOT how this works! Obama's been getting a FREE PASS on just about everything he's done to ruin this America and now we have to get on the proverbial SCHTICKS to contact our Congressman and tell them that this is JUST PLAIN WRONG! They will be coming to your towns this summer when they recess again, so be on the lookout in late summer when they announce their recess and say when they will come to your state for a "Town Hall" visit and all Americans better get to these "town halls" with their Congressmen and ASK THESE QUESTIONS about this Trans Pacific Partnership that this regime is undermining our country for ...for what?!!! GLOBALIZATION of our Economy?! CRAP with that! TELL THEM!! You DO NOT WANT THIS!!! Shout it out! CALL THEM!! WE HAVE TO ACT and ACT FAST!========== I'm praying for my country, I sure hope you are!


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author avatar Retired
8th May 2015 (#)

Great work and terrific pictures of Obama's economic incompetence. It reminds me of the old testament of the Bible where Israel kept saying "give us a king, give us a king" and God kept telling them the disaster it would bring but nevertheless they kept chanting "give us the king." So, God gave them what they wanted, and that led to years of pain and suffering in all kinds of ways. And that is exactly what happened in America with "Messiah Obama" is leading the nation to its doom, with the Liberals cheering him on. Great work!

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author avatar DeAnna C. Utz
8th May 2015 (#)

Thank you, Jessica. Good comment relating to the Good Book, our Bible...and the more I read it and listen to my Pastor's sermons, there are correlations between the Bible and what is happening now - it's so uncanny that these prophets of God saw the vision He wants us to see, yet so many are oblivious to it.

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author avatar CityJoe
8th May 2015 (#)

Spot on, DeAnna! I can't believe more people are not enraged about what is happening. Well, on second thought...I can!

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author avatar DeAnna C. Utz
9th May 2015 (#)

I know, CityJoe, I know. It's called "ignorance of the ignorants"! LOL! Maybe our gov't figures that what we don't know won't hurt us. That just made me think of the movie, "Men in Black", where "K", the MIB agent, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who corrected "J", played by Will Smith, after J used his little high-powered p-shooter "ray" gun at the bug-alien, K said to J, "We don't fire our guns out in public; the only way these people get on with their busy little lives is that they DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT!" ---- fitting response to what our gov't wants us to believe, isn't it?

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