Use CPM Ads For Your Site

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If majority of your blog visitors are not targeted, you should consider using a CPM ads. You’d get paid each time an advertisement is seen. So even if you have non-targeted traffic, you’d get paid if the visitors sees an ad on your blog.

Use CPM Ads For Your Site

Go through your blog’s traffic stats and you’d notice that you get visitors from a variety of traffic sources like search engines, social bookmarking sites, Facebook, Twitter, referral traffic, return visitors, etc. While the search engine traffic is believed to click on advertisements, the other traffic aka non-organic traffic does not convert well. Non-organic visitors will spend time on your blog, but ultimately they will leave your blog without clicking on the advertisements.

Not all the visitors click on your blog ads. No matter how well-optimized your blog is or how good your ad placement is, you’d still lose a lot of ad clicks.

This means that if you use an ad network like Google Adsense or Infolinks, you’d lose a lot of revenue as majority of your blog traffic will go waste. If you promote products on your blog for which you get commissions, you’d still be able to turn non-organic visitors into money, but if you don’t you are bound to lose a lot of potential revenue.

To make the most of your blog, you must consider using a CPM advertising network. They help you monetize the traffic which otherwise could have gone waste. CPM ads pay you a certain amount (usually $1-$8 for every 1000 impressions)

Here’s why you should use CPM ads:

Why Should You Use CPM Ads?

Can Be Placed Anywhere

Unlike other banner ads which pay you when an ad is clicked and thus are to be optimized for more clicks, CPM ads can be placed anywhere. CPM ads pay you each time an ad is viewed (not necessarily clicked). You do get paid an extra amount if you are able to generate clicks. But in case your ads don’t get clicked, you’d still be payed!

Get Paid a Decent Amount

Unless you get millions of visitors to your blog everyday, you’d not be able to earn a lot, but CPM ads do pay you a decent amount. Depending on where your visitors come from, their geographical location you’d get paid from $1 to $8 or more per 1000 impressions and extra money if the advertisements get clicked.

Easy to Implement

CPM ads can be placed anywhere on your blog. For example, you can place it below your footer or above your logo or in your sidebar or anywhere else where its visible but at the same time does not distract your visitors. You don’t necessarily need to place those CPM ads where they’d be clicked as they don’t have a very high CPC and pay you on a per 1000 views basis.

$1-8 for Traffic Which Otherwise Couldn’t Have Been Monetized is Not a Joke

You get paid $1 to $8 per 1000 impressions for traffic which otherwise could have went waste. Isn’t that great? You are basically getting paid for useless traffic, the traffic which couldn’t have been monetized by using Adsense or any other CPC ad network, so you should be happy earning anything that you get!

Allows You to Monetize Your Blog’s Unused Inventory

CPM ads will allow you to monetize your blog / websites unused inventory.

Allows You to Earn Some Extra Money

CPM ads can be used in combination with CPC advertising networks like Google Adsense, AdBrite, etc. Neither of your accounts will get banned. This allows you to make more money from your blog. All you have to do is to place a CPM ad anywhere on your blog where your visitors can see it and for the impressions to count.

Good for Blogs without targeted Traffic

If majority of your blog visitors are not targeted, you should consider using a CPM ads. You’d get paid each time an advertisement is seen. So even if you have non-targeted traffic, you’d get paid if the visitors sees an ad on your blog.

So using CPM ads on your blog is definitely a good choice as you can use it to monetize the traffic which otherwise would have gone waste.


1. Use CPM ads with Adsense or other CPC ad networks to increase your blog revenue.

2. Unless you have a high traffic blog or magazine like Mashable or ThinkDigit, don’t depend entirely on CPM ads.

3. You’d lost some revenue if you depend entirely on CPM ad networks as they often make less money than CPC ad networks.

4. Try out various ad networks for better results.

5. Change ad network combinations often and ultimately stick with the best.

6. Place CPM ads on dull spots of your blog and reserve the best ad spots for CPC networks as they are more likely to convert.

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