Usual Problems with Filing Vehicle Insurance Claims

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Attending to a few points when you are submitting a vehicle insurance claim reduces problems and speeds up the process. Pay attention to these points if you want smooth claim settlements.

How to Speed Up an Auto Insurance Claim Process

It would be nice if all vehicle insurance claims go smoothly. However, there could be problems in the process and these could be due to variety of reasons and factors. Generally, people tend to blame insurers but they may be the ones to blame for delays. Here are some of the reasons why you could face difficulties. In other words, you could get your claim settled pretty quickly if you follow these guidelines.

Acting Quickly after Incidents

Policyholders can take their sweet time to call their insurers and report an incident that will lead to a claim. The longer you wait the harder it gets to gather the facts. If it is a large accident you should call the company from the crash site if you can. For smaller claims, you should quickly decide if you are going to make a claim or forget about it.

Your insurer would want to be on top of the damages, assess and deal with them as economically as possible. They wouldn’t appreciate if you were late in letting them know. For example, they may have wanted to examine injured people quickly to make sure injuries are related to the accident.

Gathering Information

You cannot expect to list your damages and get paid immediately. You will need to provide specifics of the crash. You will need to take a note of the time, the circumstances that led to the accident, who was involved, their names, addresses, vehicle and insurance details. Also, you will need to report the incident to police in time should you be required. You will need to pass along these details to your carrier quickly so that they can contact the people involved.

Providing Documentation

You need to be ready to provide documentation depending on the complexity of the claim and requirements of your provider. For example, your insurer may want you to get couple of quotes for the repairs to your automobile. Many companies may choose not to appoint a claims adjuster for small damages. Instead they may prefer you to provide enough information so that they can make a decision.

You can file a claim and submit necessary documentation online with most companies these days. You can send them the scanned documents and photos of the damages. Based on pictures and estimates your carrier could settle your claim in few days, providing you did provide all they needed.

Being Aware of the Policy Coverage

Many policyholders are not aware of what their policy covers. There are many motorists who buy liabilities only coverage and expect their insurer pay for their own damages. It doesn’t help if the policyholder has unreasonable expectations of their cover providers. You should have a look at your policy before filing a car insurance claim to make sure you actually have coverage.

You can also talk to your broker first to make sure you don’t make mistakes. Sometimes, policy wordings can be ambiguous and left to interpretation. There are many court cases because of the disagreement on wordings of the policy documents. A good broker would know the issues you can face and guide you clear of troubles.

Buying the Right Coverage

When you are buying a policy you shouldn’t only be concerned about the price. You should think about possible scenarios in which you may need your insurer pay for your damages or claims against you. You should always think about the worst case scenario. You are unlikely to be devastated if your small claim is turned down. But you cannot probably handle a large liabilities claim on your own.

Also, you need to be insured by a good company which will not hide behind dubious reasoning and try to avoid paying the damages. A good company looks to see how they can help their customer while a bad one may look at how they could get out of paying.

Paying attention to your policy terms and conditions and finding out what you need to submit with your claim can speed up the process. Also, you should stay on top your claim. Many people sit and wait for their insurance company to make a decision while the company is waiting to hear back from the policyholder. A quick call can clear up any misunderstanding.


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Here in Asia some take advantage and that makes it tough for genuine claims and the Terms and Conditions are tough to understand for a lay person - siva

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