Vindale Research, paid surveys, is it worth it?

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This page is about Vindale Research, a website which will pay it's user's for taking survey's. In this article you will find out whether or not this is site worth using, and whether or not they are a legit and paying market research website. I am a member of this site so read my honest review to find out if it is worth signing up for or not.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the oldest paid survey websites online, and although it is a good survey site, it also does have some problem's with it. Just looking around the web for reviews about this site proves this point, as there are some really positive review's written about it, but there is also some really negative one's.
Vindale is owned by a market research from New York, and this company also run a couple of other survey sites online. On doing a little research on this site, it is crystal clear that this site is run by a reputable and legit company, so there is no need to worry about whether or not this is trustworthy.

As with any decent paid survey site online, this site will not cost you a penny to join, and in my opinion you should be very suspicious of any paid survey site asking you to pay money. One thing I do not like about this site, is the fact that online they advertise a high rate of pay for there survey's, but the truth is that they pay a lot lower than they say.
Vindale Research also offer's it's member's different opportunities like product testing, although this can be a little demanding it is great way to earn some cash.

Earning with surveys on this site is pretty much like any other paid survey site available online, although they lead you to believe it's better. How much you will earn will come down to how many surveys that you take, and which surveys you are offered. Most of the surveys that I get offered by this site usually pay anything from $1-$5, so you can make some cash taking surveys with this site.
Surveys and product testing is not the only way to earn with Vindale Research, they also offer you the chance to earn cash by watching video's, and you can earn 25 cents for watching quick advertisement video's. You can also earn 10 cent's for simply opening emails, this is a quick and easy way to knock up your earning's. They also offer a pretty good referral system, and will pay you $5 for every new member that you bring to the site.

One thing that I personally like about this site is that they don't bother with a point system, instead paying you an exact cash amount for your activities on the site. One of the main good point's about this site, for me anyway, is that they will pay you directly into Paypal, which makes getting your earning's easy. The $50 redeem limit is pretty high, but it is great when you reach it.


Although Vindale Research are dishonest in the way they advertise and promote there site online, I would certainly say this site is no scam. I have been paid off this site twice so far, but it did take me along time to require the redeem limit each time.
For anybody taking paid surveys on the internet, then Vindale research is one worth having a look at. It is a place that you can get paid online.

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author avatar EasyWriter
18th Mar 2014 (#)

Great review! Glad to read it!

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author avatar Madan G Singh
18th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice and informative review

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author avatar micheal
18th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks for the comments

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice and Interesting post!

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author avatar micheal
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks fern

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author avatar spidermix38
23rd Mar 2014 (#)

I agree,great article,but,did they work with anyone in the world? far as i know survey sites are,always,for the U.S.A.,and,it's very difficult to earn when you are not from U.S.A..

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author avatar micheal
25th Mar 2014 (#)

There are many for international use

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