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An article about buying vintage dolls on ebay, how you can find any type of doll you are looking for.

Dolls for Sale

Are you a doll collector? Are you a fan of dolls? Do you have children that love to play with dolls? Ebay is the place to go to find any type of doll you are looking for. Do you have dolls that you played with when you were little and you would like to know what they might be worth now? Ebay would be a good place to go to find out what your collections are going for now. Or perhaps you had a doll you wished you still had. Perhaps it got lost or Mom gave it away to another little girl who was going to play with. She told you that you have outgrown the toy and you had to give your stuff away.
Perhaps now you have kids and you would like for them to be able to play with the same things that you had.
Ebay is the place to go. I am an avid doll collector but am now weeding out my stuff and selling it on ebay.
I used to buy my dolls there too. I loved how you can find practically anything. Not just dolls, but almost anything you can think of, it is on Ebay. Of course it doesn't mean it all gets sold. Sometimes people aren't looking for a certain thing at the time it is listed. You can just keep trying to relist an item until you find a potential buyer. Ebay doesn't take money from you if it doesn't sell. The only thing that Ebay takes is an insertion fee that is automatic, and I think the first fifty items you list are free. When you are a beginning seller you have a limit for the first month. It goes away after you sell and ship about 25 items and after the first month of selling, you get your funds automatically. But in the meantime, you can also get your funds into Paypal quicker if you print the ebay shipping labels with ebay. Which is actually quite neat. You get a small discount on the shipping for doing it this way. It's also quick and easy. You pay and print and can choose to have paypal take out the funds for shipping when the buyers payment gets into your paypal account. Print out your label. Cut it to fit on your box or package and tape and ship. The post office will even pick up your packages for you, but you are usually only five or ten minutes away from the post office. And you can just drop them off and not wait in line because you have paid.

Now, back to the dolls. They have all kinds. Honeyhill dolls, My Friend Mandy fisher price dolls, barbies of all kinds, vintage and modern, Mrs. Beasley doll, the vintage Tammy dolls and her sister or friend, Pepper. You know, Tammy from the Sandra Dee movies. They made a doll on her. Gidget, Tammy and the Bachelor, etc...
Shirley Temple composition dolls, reproductions, Chatty Cathy, reproductions and vintage.
If you are looking for the newer dolls for your girls, you can find a lot of Disney dolls, Monster High dolls are the new rage I think, Hello Kitty, My Scene dolls, and other dolls.
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen barbie dolls, the vintage princess Leia doll. Malibu Barbie, Francie, Midge, the original barbie dolls that are vintage. There are all the reproductions of the old barbie dolls. There's even a reproduction of the original Barbie in the black and white striped bathing suit.
Arthur the Ardvark is also online at Ebay. He's selling anywhere from $20 and up now.
You can also find older dolls, porcelain, bisque, antique dolls. Armande Marseille, Jumeau, Bru, Kestner, the antique felt dolls from Germany, I'm drawing a blank on the german doll artist that did a lot of those.
Some of the dolls are into the $1000's. You can get some Armand Marseille dolls for as cheap as $100 to $150 full body dolls, but most of them go for $300 and up. The Floradora Armand Marseille dolls are gorgeous.
I'm a paperdoll artist, so I am weeding out my dolls to make more space for paperdolls. Being paper, it doesn't require much space. But if you are a big doll collector, you often wonder where to put that new edition. I used to have well over one hundred dolls and porcelain doll parts.
This is the other neat thing about ebay. If you are a doll maker, ebay is a great place to look for doll parts to make your dolls. A lot of people sell the porcelain or bisque doll heads that they have painted. Some of them are reproductions of lovely dolls that are expensive. Dianna Effner, Shay dolls, Rotraut Schrott, Dianna Effners Hilary. She also came up with Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella. Ashton Drake Dolls, Schmid, Idolls, ball joint dolls, etc.
Doll making is a very popular industry. All girls love dolls, even the grown up ones.
I draw dolls, so have accumulated lots of photography of the dolls, so even as they disappear from my collection, I will still have the pictures.
Another new type of doll is the Ellowynne Wilde Dolls, Robert Tonner Dolls, Mel Odum's Gene dolls, Agnes Dreary Dolls, and many others.
Some of these dolls are very expensive. They range from the $100's and up. Original Rotraut Schrott dolls range from $1000's and up. I think she was from Germany.
Some of the dolls are a one of a kind. I can only have pictures of some, as they are beyond my reach $.

Happy doll hunting.

Also if anybody is into paperdolls, please check out my new paper doll website for my handmade fine art paperdolls.
That's another article that I am also educated on..

Jennifer Jo Fay

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