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This is an article written using information I have collected over 4 years, I have personally used and tested every one of the programs mentioned and have been a successful blogger and online entrepreneur for 4+ years.

Programs to Make Money Online with Blogs

I have been a blogger since 2008 when I first was looking for a way to bring in a part time second income without having to leave my house and actually put in a 2nd job worth of hours. There is a ton of scam and useless programs online that only try to trick you or seduce you into thinking there is easy money to be made online, but I have found nothing could be further from the truth.

I did however determine that starting a blog was a great way to earn money and within 3 months of starting my first 3 blogs in 2008 I was earning about $100 per month, now 4 years later I average between $800 and $1200 per month in earnings which isn't much but consider that I am a part time blogger who puts in only about 20 hours per week and this is a good 2nd income for those who already have a day job and need to potentially supplement their income.

Nothing recommended on this page will cost you a dime to sign up for, these are all free programs to join and try that you earn from. Almost all of these programs require that you have a Wordpress blog with a registered DNS name (so you must have a www.mysite.com for the URL) you can't use myblog.wordpress.com or myblog.blogspot.com for most online earning programs. Also, for many of the programs that require custom script embed code, you cannot use free online cloud platforms like Wordpress.com or Blogspot because they have limitations on what you can do with your site.

Know this, it takes some initial investment to earn money online with a blog, this initial investment should only be your Web Hosting Fees (I recommend BlueHost and have been using them for 3+ years, but you can also use GoDaddy, HostGator or any other hosting provider that you review and know). I do recommend you get one with CPanel as this is a much easier to use control interface and make setting up a Wordpress blog easier. Most have 1 click installs for Wordpress installation so should be fairly easy to get one setup. This article doesn't cover how to setup and create your Wordpress blog, only the programs you can use to earn money from it.

There are basically 3 major ways to earn from Wordpress blogs, I have listed the main methods and programs that I have tried and recommend.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate Sales are one of the easiest ways to get a larger share of income with a smaller amount of traffic. You basically find products you really like and help resell them to others and keep a % of the sale. Some programs on Clickbank can earn as much as $25-40 per sale, while other affiliate sales like Amazon.com earn you 4% at first up to 6.5% if you sell enough items in a month. Affiliate sales work differently and you can affiliate sell on Social Media or your website/blog. Even forums can be a good place to affiliate sell products. Successful affiliate marketers can make tens of thousands of dollars, but I can tell you that I only made < $800 in affiliate sales in 2011 because I don’t heavily push specific products too often.

Some affiliate programs I have used are:
Amazon Affiliate
AffiliateLights for Blog Engage RSS Syndication (which I have made over $200 with in the last year)


Advertising can mean anything from banner ads, to paid links. Advertising is basically leasing or selling a portion of your site for money. This can be in a set interval like per month, week, or even day. Or it can be a permanent ad inside a post or page. Advertising makes up most banner advertising networks including some of the following which I have used. For sites that get a lot of traffic, AdSense can generate some steady revenue and is my most stable income earner.

OIO Publisher

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Reviews are programs where you are paid to blog about a product or service and you are compensated for such work. This can include even being shipped products or services to test to write an actual review from a client perspective, or just a promotion for a product or service. It generally takes either blogs with a high volume of traffic or a higher PageRank to make great earnings but by leveraging several programs at the same time you can make several hundred per month from doing sponsored reviews on one or more blogs. I also included one program (SponsoredTweets) which lets you earn money from promoting advertisements on Twitter since every blog should have matching social media accounts (Facebook Fanpage, Twitter...etc)

These are the programs that have worked best to me, listed in order of my highest income earners to lowest.

The Blog Frog

With all these programs combined I was able to bring home just over $12k per year in earnings in 2012 and this was all from working for 2 hours per night on average while the family was sleeping doing blog work. You do have to write consistently and constantly, make sure your blogs have fresh articles every day, the more you write and publish the more your site gets indexed and the faster it typically grows. You should learn things like SEO optimization, target niche and more, but when you factor that my average per hour rate is about $14.00 per hour from blogging part time, this makes for a decent second income that is well above minimum wage.

It is possible to make money online from blogging, but it isn't easy and takes commitment you have to commit to some initial investment (usually about $20 up front including 1 month hosting, or $120 if you want to pre-pay a full year Domain name). It takes about 1-3 months before you can apply for many of these sponsored opportunity programs, so you have to make sure you have 30-60 quality articles published first and get established.

Ask me any questions you have about blogging, Wordpress, or if you need more tips and ideas and I would be happy to share with you.


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