Ways to Save Money by Downsizing into a Tiny House

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There are many ways to save money like saving on food, saving electricity bill,... But downsizing to a smaller house is the most effective way to save money. You can reduce monthly water bill, electricity bill and even save more time on doing house chores.

Downsizing and Tiny Houses

Downsizing is not meant for everybody. If you are used to having a luxurious lifestyle, then it does not apply to you. But, if it is the only way for you to survive. Then, you have to manage a simple life. Start living from a big and huge house to a tiny house.

Tiny houses simply means downsizing the space you live in. It measures 100 to 500 sq. ft. and less than 8x20sq. ft. It will cost you around $10,000 to $35,000 to have a tiny house. It is actually not bad. Once you get used to it, you will surely learn to love it.

You can save money

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Having a big house means you have a big space to fill. You will buy furniture, appliances and electronic devices for the big house. With your tiny house, having a small space means that you will buy less space fillers. You can save the money and spend for a more important concern.

When it comes to a furniture, you do not need to have everything in a tiny house. You must use the most important and space saving furniture. You may have some furniture, such as a sleeper sofa, a portable record player, a bookshelf and an ottoman-container.

You may use the sleeper sofa as a bed when the night comes and a sofa during the day. It is easy to setup, anyway. So, setting it up will not give you a burden. You can save money there because it is a multipurpose furniture. A bed and a sofa in one.

Instead of buying a luxurious audio system for your living room. Why not buy a portable record player. You can use it to play your music as well as recording audios.

Using a bookshelf as your divider is perfect in a tiny house. You can even have a better air ventilation than a plain wood blocking air to fill the tiny house.

Because of the limited space in a tiny house. You do not need to buy different containers for your stuff. You can use an ottoman-container as low stools and hide some of your stuff, too.

on less Upkeep Costs

Downsizing to a tiny house can cut the upkeep costs that you are paying. You can spend less on the maintenance, repairs, cleaning and furnishing of your house. You may keep the excess upkeep fees and save that money in the bank.

by Saving Water and Energy

The more space you have, then the more energy and water you can consume. Especially, when your heater or air condition is on. If you have less water and energy consumption, then you will pay lower electric and water bills.

by Changing your Lifestyle

You are downsizing to a tiny house because you need to save some money. Now, instead of spending too much for unnecessary home supplies, then you can cut that off.

Sometimes, you overspend on foods and just keep them in the fridge without even noticing that it already expired. You may also buy a limited supply of food or other home supplies at special offers from the shopping malls or supermarkets. If possible, use your discount cards.

Saving money is always an issue, especially if you are living in a big house. If you are going to list down all your monthly expenses, you can see that you can save small money or nothing at all. Downsizing to a smaller house is an ideal way of saving everything at home. It does not mean that you are totally out of a budget. You are just being practical.


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