Welfare Needs a Change

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This is my first article on this website, and it has to do with the fact that Welfare in this country is out of control. While I am not the first person to write an article on this subject I am writing this with the hope that it will spur people into action. Use your vote. Things can change.

Welfare Needs A Change

Ever since Welfare was established it has been abused. What started as programs designed to help those in need have turned into a way of life for some Americans. The United States government had good intentions when they created these programs. They dreamed of a world where no one in the U.S.A. would be forced to go without food or a roof over their head. The programs were designed to protect our children. These programs have gone horribly wrong.

I live in one of the poorest states in the union, and I see first hand how many people abuse the system. In Louisiana the current population is 4,623,339; the number of people on welfare programs in Louisiana is 998677. Using these numbers it would mean that roughly 22% of people are on welfare in Louisiana. That means that I am helping to pay for 22% of the population when I collect my check. This is insane even in a recession there has to be major abuse that contributes to these high figures.

On a national average the percent of people on welfare is 18%. This number may not seem high, but 82% of the U.S. population is paying for the other 18% to survive. These figures do not include disability or retirement. I am not saying that welfare should be eliminated I am just saying that 18% is a large number of people on federal and state aid. We must put new programs in place to stop the abusers from collecting money that they don't deserve.

Most people think that it is the recession we should blame for these high figures, but did anyone start to think that maybe these high figures are what is causing the recession. I am not saying all people are lazy, and do not want to work. I am saying that for those who are truly struggling to make end's meat it is a slap in the face to see the person next door abusing the system. I personally believe that we as a country should not make it harder to apply for welfare; instead we should have background checks on the applicants to see if they are trying to get jobs. We as a country need to set a time limit on the welfare program. For example, I just got laid off at work and I have two kids, so I go and apply for welfare. The welfare office accepts my claim, but tells me that they will do a background check to see if you have been working or trying to find a job. I agree to this because I know that I really need the help, and that I was working. They give me a 6 month (which in my opinion is to long) time frame to find a job. If I do not find a job I must present physical evidence that I have been trying to find employment. (what can be used for evidence should be up to the state office). If I cannot show evidence that I have at least applied for one job then I should be removed from the program, however; if I can show evidence that I have been working then I should stay on the program.

This system should be upheld and not just in writing. It will slowly weed out the people that are abusing the system. I am truly sorry if you are one of the people who did not make it though high school and can not find a job, but I ask you to a least try and get your GED. This will help you find a job the options are out they people just have to know where to look. If you are getting assistance to go back to college good for you. I personally offer my applause to you for trying to better your self. For people who are not good in a classroom, and can not find a job because of that issue there are many options open for trade schools that will teach you a skill to use in a work force.

I know my last paragraph seemed like a rant, but for those out there abusing the system it was a wake up call. For those reading this paper who are simply struggling with finding work in these hard times as long as you keep trying things will work out.

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author avatar Denise O
2nd Apr 2011 (#)

First of all, welcome to Wikinut, I look forward to reading a lot more of your work. I agree with you, we as a nation have been abusing this system for way too long. I am all for social programs that help the masses but, with welfare it has seemed to only denegrate our system. If it would of stayed as a program that was only for the truely needy, I don't think we would be in this mess. That is one of the sad things about a good program, there are always someone trying to take advantage of something and ruin it for all. Shoot now I sound like I am ranting, oh well.LOL
Nice read, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Leogona
25th May 2011 (#)

Maybe its easy where you live (directed at the blog writer) but in NYC it is really tough....If you are lucky enough to turn in all of the required documents at the same time, you are then required to attend what is called a "BTW (Back-to-Work) Program"..That was fine for me, since my investment bank job closed I used my UI money to get a much needed degree to become more marketable. In my mind I thought 'I have been looking for work that will circumvent my school schedule and maybe this will help me because they have connections that I could not get on my own'. This was not the case, while everyone says that a higher education is key for higher paying jobs, the NYC HRA does not accept their recipients attending Bachelor degree programs.
Now, I know what you are thinking: "why should I pay for someone to collect welfare and go to school for 4 years?" I am a 4.0 student and only need 3 semesters to complete (1.5 years - or less, since I could take summer classes and finish earlier), but the worker I had basically threw my paperwork at me and told me "I don't care...your program is not eligible" in a very dry manner.
Now, I am not some 20 something just starting out, I had a middle management position at that bank. I worked my way up from a 90 position to start, to working there for almost 8 years. I basically went to school on Friday, went to 'dry guy' appointment on Monday, and went to the BTW program on Tuesday. What happened to the school? - I basically walked away...if it wasn't for one professor literally fighting for my cause, I would have failed every class, but I still have A's and B's and a chance to still graduate with some honor.
I didn't mention that the 'dry guy' gave me a WEP (Work Experience Program) assignment. You can not reschedule any of these appointments, or you will not receive any (of the very generous $50/week I was getting) financial help. I attended the BTW (professional dress code is a must or you will be sent home)...had my resume, cover letter, and professional references at all times (failure to have these documents will have you sent home). Being sent home forfeits your day's attendance, and you will not be eligible to receive a metrocard (transportation pass) for the day which may leave you at a deficit should you have to get around the City for interviews or come back to the program the next day (remember I said that you can not miss a day - nor be late, which will cause you to be sent home). Sounds like a good plan of discipline for those who may need it. right...I had no problems with it.
Then the WEP assignment began...WEP as advertised, "...gives cash assistance recipients valuable work experience which can lead to jobs..." My assignment was "Kitchen Help"
Sounds good for a 4.0GPA student who worked with executives for nearly the last decade, right?
I basically washed large kitchen pots, trays, dished out desserts, beverages, wiped tables, and served food to (some wonderful) senior citizens at a Senior Center.

Think about it....

I (only today) started a job upon being interviewed at a NY deli chain (I won't mention the name here, since I don't have their permission) as a phone operator, receiving telephone, fax, and seamless web orders. It pays $9/hour (a far cry from the $20+/hour I made at the bank, but way, way more than the $50/week) and I hope to be able to continue while finishing my degree.
Now, I am a champion of not giving money to those who abuse the system, or who are on it for months, and months at a time (did I mention that my case opened in March - so 2 months is not too bad). Perhaps your city can take a page from the NYC model, because after all of the mental intimidation, you will be ready to take ANY job, whether you can really afford to live off of it or not, but it will reduce cash assistance rolls...btw, rents are sky high here in NYC, so if my rent wasn't based on my salary, I would have to perhaps live with my daughter in a box on the street --- and not to make light of living in a box, but to do that in NYC, would still be expensive

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