What It's Like to Be an Avid Book Shop-Alcoholic

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I am addicted to books like other people are addicted to alcohol. At cash registers, in grocery stores, I study magazines for my next hit and in bookstores, I feel a euphoria that must be similar to what a drug addict feels when he gets his next fix. This, in itself, does not mean I have a problem, but it does point to a dilemma I must face. I am a book shop-alcoholic.

My Addiction

As a shop-alcoholic, I do not waste time impulse shopping for clothes, stopping unnecessarily for garage sales, or grocery shopping unless I have an envelope full of coupons or there is a great produce sale going on. Books are my compulsion. I do not care if I purchase books at a grocery store, online, or at a bookstore. As soon as I spot a book or a magazine, my inner siren sounds and I have to stop and I have to buy.

The Stages of Addiction

I am addicted to book shopping. All addicts, I presume, go through several stages, and I, as an ardent book shop-alcoholic, am no different. In the first stage, I experience excitement. I spot the book or magazine, and immediately tell myself, “I have to have it.” Directly following this, though, is the second stage, or dread. A part of me says, “I don’t need another book,” and I realize this part of me is correct. Normal people do not purchase book after book, day after day, at least not until they have read at least one of the books they have already bought. The third stage is guilt. After the money is gone, I scold myself with, “I could have spent that money on something else, something that is needed in the house.” Nevertheless, I carry the books home and add them to the piles of books awaiting my examination.

Shelving Another Purchase

I finally realized I might have a problem when I started buying duplicates of books I already own. I am, however, reluctant to seek assistance with this dilemma because I, along with every other person who has an affectionate nature toward books, feel there can be nothing wrong with this addiction. After all, what is printed can only add to what is already known, At any rate, my books and magazines will continue to be shelved in my library, a separate wall in the garage devoted specifically to this purpose, and I know, without a doubt, I will eventually get around to reading each one of them.


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author avatar C.D. Moore
19th Sep 2014 (#)

If you have to be addicted to something, better it be books.
I go to a book store that gives credit for used books, sometimes I don't have to pay at all. Thanks for this!

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author avatar reg430
19th Sep 2014 (#)

Yes. Books are the love of my life.

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