What You Need To Start Getting 10$ Per Day From Google Adsense 2016

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In his topic i'll share my experience about earning 10 dollars per day from google adsense using your blog !

How To Earn 10$ Per Day From Google Adsense 2016 [ Must Read ]

• Most of bloggers are using google adsense program to make their living , it’s the most popular and the best CPC Money Making Program in the world ! Unfortunately it’s not easy because readers are smart enough to know which one is the advertisement and which one is your link. And if they don’t have the intention to click ads, it will be so hard to earn some dollars . Making 10 dollars from google adsense is the first goal for new bloggers to reach , so in this topic I’ll show you how to make 10 dollars daily from google Adsense .
• There are some requirements that i will suggest to you based on my experience , you should know that i’am not gonna tell you how to create the great topic to bring visitors or how to create a website or how to link your site with adsense , I’ll just give you the requirements that you need to get 10 dollars per day from adsense using your blog ( Not mater if it’s a new blog or an old one ) , before i start deeping in details i’ll tell you something : there are a lot of keywords/topics that gives you more than 10$ per one click ! you think i’am joking right ? so here is my proof, see the picture below , it’s from the google analytics dashboard of a www.dailyblogmoney.com‘s author and it show that he earned 10 dollars with just one click !
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• See !! that’s what I’am talking about , it’s amazing right ? that was the power of adsense, your blog’s topics and traffic source country play a very important roles in the Adsense earnings.

1)- First, you should know about some words like : CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC ( Cost Per Click) and RPM ( Revenue per Thousand impressions), if you got a good CPC and CTR, you will have a good RPM. But if you have a good CPC and a very bad CTR, then the RPM will be less. So, RPM is the most important thing that tell you whether your blog is doing good with Google Adsense or not, so if you want a high RPM rate, you should increase your CPC and CTR all the time .

what is RPM ? it means how much money your blog is making from 1000 page views .

• If you are making 2$ from 500 Page views daily, then your RPM is 4$ ( 2 x 1000/500).The RPM changes for each type of blogs, for example : Technology, entertainment, financing and education etc… the reason that blogs will have different RPM is because the CPC and CTR would be different for each blogs.

• So, if you have 3.5$ RPM, you will make 3.5$ from every 1000 Page views per day. To get 10 dollars per day from Adsense , let us multiply this by 3 to get 10 dollars per day. That means, your blog has to get 3000 page views everyday to reach 10 dollars per day from Google Adsense.

• Seems difficult to make 3000 page views per day ? Héh trust me it’s not, Let me show you how to get 3000 Page Views per day to your blog !

• 30 articles on your blog which can bring 100 page views per day
• 60 articles which can bring 50 page views per day
• 120 articles which can bring 25 page views per day

• You think that’s too much ? , then how about this?
• 15 articles which can bring 200 page views per day, or if you can , just 3 amazing articles that bring you 1000 page views per day ! It refers to you to choose the best scenario for you .

   • Finally, you have to get 3000 page views daily to make 10 dollars per day from Google Adsense assuming the RPM is 3.5$ and your blog should meet the following requirements :

1) - Your niche and keywords are very important :

   • Your blog should have high paying keywords. I would say you should make sure your average CPC is higher than 0.25$.  If you are targeting higher CPC  keywords, then this rate will be higher so the RPM too. In my experience to get what you need you shouldn’t search for free methods because it’s not gonna bring good CPC.

2) - Your blog may require around 2100 PVs via search engines daily :

   • Organic traffic is very important to make money from Adsense. The average search engine traffic for a blog should be arround 70%. Which means 2100 page views.
   • You have to get 70% of your daily traffic from search engines. Because these are the users new for your blog and may click yours ads.

3) -Use above the fold ad placement :


   • No matter how many ads you are using in your blog, the important is to make sure that at least one ad is placed above the fold which is the place a visitor sees without scrolling down in the browser. I think the ads with 300×250 or 336×260 size below the head line and above (or wrapped by) the content works better for higher CTR and RPM, google serves high paying ads to the ad slot which is loading first in a blog. So, you should use this ad slot well to earn your 10 dollars daily from Adsense.

4) - Target a topic which can attract all readers from around the world :

   • 2100 daily visits via search engines can be different for each blog. If you have high paying keywords and getting good search engine traffic from around the world especially from USA, then may be two or three clicks will be enough to earn 10 dollars daily.

   • Whatever I have mentioned here was just an estimate to clear the requirement to make 10 dollars per day from Adsense.


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nice to know.It will be useful for all and espically nor new ones

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very nice and important content for adsense publishers and i have subscribed.

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Warning: Anything that comes from Google, is a trouble, not a source of income. Name a single Google product that does not steal money from people's pocket? None.

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