What to do with a piece of string

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These healthy shops and supermarkets are offering healthy food and natural domestic items at a big price when, in fact, they´d be a lot cheaper.

What to do with a piece of string

I´ve recently visited a big supermarket in Valencia. The novelty with such a supermarket is that they provide with all these natural items and food that a standard supermarket won´t and they claim to be the biggest one in its kind in Europe. However, there´s a problem with such a type of supermarkets or shops; in the name of being natural and healthy, their prices are way too high for what they offer.
Entering there, it´s like going inside a health sanctuary of healthy food and items. Quite a good business on these days when everyone seems to have embraced the healthy lifestyle.
Their dairy produce claims to be healthier than the usual brands at any supermarkets as well as their meat or vegetable produce, but who can pay 4 Euro a piece for two medium vegetable burgers?
The well wrapped kefir is pricey too and I recalled my mother with her perennial glass jar of kefir that went wherever she went. Someone had given to her a piece of the root and she kept growing it in the jar, changing its milk every 12 hours. I don´t think she´d have paid such a fortune for a ready made kefir.
I also saw books on how to heal one´s life, how to find out about toxic people and how to get rid of them and the like. Well, I don´t think I have to buy such a books, because I know well how to heal my life or how to get rid of people that aren´t of my liking, spotting their good traits if any and bad ones. One only has to observe them in detail.
On arriving in the toiletries and well being section, I spotted scented candles, oils, soaps and sponges that claimed to be the best for one´s body and mind. The sponges were said to have been made of some natural material. Well, the one I use is a natural one too. With a piece of string I make my own and natural sponge, undoing it with my fingers till I get a sort of ball. It´s very energizing for the blood circulation and exfoliating one and it´s a lot cheaper.
what I think about these trendy natural and health shops is that they´re taking us as fools as well as making good business.
On this regards, I always say to listen to our mothers, or still better, to our grandmothers. They knew how to make healthy food without fuss and they knew how to provide for domestic items that were good.
People will think I´m an old-fashioned one, but so long as it works for me and saves me a bit, I care not. Not a bit.

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author avatar Etc.
11th Aug 2014 (#)

Tis true--the 'old fashioned' way of living has now become a botique way of living and a marketing goldmine. While the simple bottle of vinegar, for instance, would do. Repackaged, it costs much more. Totally unnecessary.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Aug 2014 (#)

have to agree with what you write...natural methods the best but so many profting off what we an do for ourselves as Etc so says...

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author avatar vickylass
12th Aug 2014 (#)

My response to this is not to buy these products / produce at scandalous prices to fill the pockets of some crafty folks. Surely, many of us have been told or have learnt ways to healthy lifestyle that is a lot cheaper.

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