What would you do if your money was worthless?

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This is an article about the rise in debt in America. What would you think if one day you were told all of your hard earned money was worthless. This could very well happen one day.

What Would Happen

Right now at this very moment the average U.S. taxpayer owes the government $124,665. If the government were to say right now citizens we must pay off our debt in order for it to be fair every taxpayer in America would owe over 100 thousand dollars. What does that mean for the value of the money you are holding right now. What would you do if one day you were told all of your hard earned money was worthless. This could very well happen one day.

I am not spouting off some ridiculous conspiracy theory; this could happen and is likely to happen in the future. Right now our debt is at thirteen trillion dollars, and rising everyday. What happens when you don't pay your bills? Most likely your answer has something to do with the fact that the utility company comes and cuts off what you did not pay for. The same concept is true when talking about a country. If we as a country do not pay our bills that makes our money worthless.

i has been known for quite a while that Obama is trying to spend more money than the government has spent in 154 years. And honestly I'm scared. I am only a teenager, but I can see what would happen if the dollar meant nothing. If you don't believe me believe this.

This video is not lying, and I am really worried this isn't just an article it is a problem. This is what I have been saying from the beginning. We can't spend money that never existed. When this country was founded we intrusted our monetary needs to a group of international people called the Federal Reserve. The word federal does not mean owned by the U.S. government. If you look at your money right now you will see the words federal reserve note on your bill.

There is an article here that is explaining that it is not possible to pay off our national debt. The way the system works (to the best of my understanding) is that the U.S. government gives the privately owned Federal Reserve a bond. A bond is a guarantee saying that the U.S. will pay you back. The Federal Reserve (privately owned) will not print money without this bond. Over time this bond gains interest.

Now all of these things are finally coming to a point and you can see what I mean. If you read the article I linked you to earlier you will see that in a hypothetical situation if the government came and took everything on American soil plus every bit of money and objects being produced we could still not pay off our national debt. The people behind the Federal Reserve are taking the money the U.S. is giving and exporting it to other countries. They are literally sucking the U.S. dry. The thing that scares me most is under the current laws all money in circulation belongs to the Federal Reserve. This crash has been immanent from the very beginning of our economy since all the money belongs to individuals.

This article was not meant to be written in a state of emotion, but it is what people need to see. If any government officials ever see this article they need to do something before it is too late, and the U.S. currency system crashes. Instead of helping us out of this situation President Obama's 2009-2010 agenda is to spend 23.5 trillion dollars. I would now like to ask you this question. Where does he expect the money to come from?

Right now there are only six-billion-eight-hundred-million people in the world. The money he wants to spend it would cause an all out economic crash. Do not misunderstand me; I am not saying that President Obama is meaning to do this I am just saying that there will be consequences if he does.

Do you remember the Great Depression? This depression was caused by a drop in stock; then everyone ran to the banks to get money and the banks did not have enough. This caused a crash. In 1939 the economy was much smaller then it is now. With all of the transactions online, and through debt, if U.S. money became worthless the world's economy would suffer.

Not only would the economy suffer you would too. As I am sure you have already realized if the economy does collapse you will lose basic necessities such as food, water, plumbing, hospitals, police, schools, jobs, and many more. The entire country would be in a state of panic. Some people say that gold would still have value and it would, but how many people keep bartering materials in their homes. This is a very big problem, and I am asking someone to fix it before it is too late.



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