When considering money as a form of ever changing currency, an article of financial hope

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Think. The great executive who started IBM in the 1950's put that on signs to advertise his company, and it will always ring real and a truly honest thought. Think. How do you think Walter P. Chrysler started a car company that beat Henry Ford's car company for even a while, he thought deeply about improvements he could make to the design of cars. You know, if we think deeply about the improvements we could make to the design of life, it would be a whole lot better.

Start here:

Do you remember that "great" saying, "There is a method to the madness"? Well, considering the genuine nature of success, there always is a method to the "madness" of genuinely succeeding. For success sometimes comes with a seeming 3M sticky note type failure beginning, and becomes Joy Mangano's billion selling universal mop. So, when I say there is a method to the madness, and every cloud has a golden parachute within it better than just a silver lining, you should believe it instead of stamp it all "failure".

Seeming failure is where some of the greatest ideas start. Even Ray Kroc of McDonald's was a fifty year old "loser" before becoming a billionaire by opening "those little hamburger stores all over the place".

Nobody is a failure who productively does not quit. Start here with that resolve, and I know things will ultimately turn around for anyone who listens and takes heed.

What is the nature of financial hope?

Sure, you or anyone, including myself can read positive thinking books, investment books and all of that. But until the advice is genuinely applied, it is nothing or only applied knowledge is power and potential power genuinely.

For those who have it "easy" and taking the "easy way out": You are not doing yourself a favor. Even J. Paul Getty in one of his books has a chapter called "How to succeed by really trying". Faking your productivity until you make it is not any way to live. You must give what you do your all or you will not get your all out of it. There is not a genuine quitting time, and considering the nature of money and energy, not even the grave really.

Warren Buffett

Great investor he is and is supposed to be, he is not flashy. He even bought the house he grew up in and lives in it and has a comfortable lifestyle. The difference is though, he gets written about like he has some special "Midas touch" because he made lots of money. He's an old man, now. But why don't we hear about his younger years much? We don't even hear about his genuine start much? We mostly hear and believe about the mythology built up around the man.

Reality is that, he had to build up to become the "Warren Buffett" investor he is today. If he succeeded instantly in the way we love to think that he did, he would be Bernard Madoff and not the "Great Warren Buffett". Look, only genuine Alfred Ponzi tricks succeed in that way too quickly. Look at Donald D. "Don" LaPre. As a certain old folk tale says, the tortoise or turtle will always beat the hare or rabbit in that genuine sense. I admire both men Don LaPre and Warren Buffett's skills, but that story applies to them in this sense: Succeed too quick and lose, or succeed right, patiently, realistically and genuinely win.

When I think about success, I would rather do it right than get caught doing it genuinely wrong looking right at first. I am the tortoise. Robert J, Ringer, the writer once put the tortoise on his books as the winner. I may not agree with all of his philosophy, but I definitely do agree with that. Building success productively is always better than "fake it until you make it"!

Using energy intelligently and realistically, I can say:

I have not lost my mind, but success is always around the corner for the person who uses time wisely even if it takes more work and takes longer than misusing time. I find nothing wrong in having fun and using work as a sort of playtime, but, doing it right is the best way to live, doing it wrong is naturally the worst way to live.

The ultimate evil in life is using time wrong. Bad judgement comes a close second. Malcolm X when he was Malcolm Kevin Little spending time in prison realized that. But he later redeemed himself before he died using his energy intelligently and realistically to better the human race through good ideas, Dr. Martin Luther King did the same. You know, using time right is the wealthiest thing you can do for yourself and existence. That is where its starts, win or lose, especially winning for real. Realistic winning is where all the hope is, everything else does not matter.


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21st Jan 2016 (#)

great article as always. I love how you tell everyone that read all the book and stuff doesn't work unless you apply it. I don't know why many people just don't get that point.

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