When we are faced with disapointments

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When faced with disapointments people react differently and while life has its ups and downs facing disapointment can ruin the life's expectations

Everyone faces disapointments

Disapointments come to every one at one time or another. Be it the rich, the poor, the young and the old that you may be.The disapointments in life are many and while we may never be prepared to face it ,when it does come it Leaves us asking ourselves one question," what went wrong?"

Yes there are disappointing moments in life when it seems life is playing some dirty tricks on us such as a relationship that ends when one partner reveals their intention to quit or a letter from an employer telling someone their contract cannot be renewed and so they must find themselves another job or by some strange occurences payments being made are suspended for further verifications.

And while the breakup of a relationship and the employment issue can be overcome ,when the need for cash is met with refusal this is hard to deal with especially with a refusal from a bank and more so a bank in which you have been a good client, then this is more than a disappointment.

A few year ago a local italian newspaper carried the story of a man who was in desperate need of cash to settle mortagage payments and was refused by the very same bank he was a customer for a long time. The same bank he had taken out loans and had payed with punctuality refused him a loan he could well have paid back.

When this happened the man decided to do the one thing that readily came to his mind and that was to rob the very same bank that refused him the loan. And he did it successfully for a few years untill he was caught.

if a loan disapointment can make the mind of an honest man take such an action against the same bank he was a loyal customer to then sometimes the fear of being disapointed can also mean taking steps to remedy a situation before it reaches to a point in which seeking a financial solution may not come quite easily.

When a bustling business is hit by crisis, the one remedy to bring the business back on its feet is by setting fire to the business and then making insurance claims to get compensation . This was the plan of a local hairdressing salon owner in a small italian city. Married and with 2 children with a business that was quite prosperous, disapointing time soon came for the business woman and soon her marriage failed and she was separated from her husband and had to single-handedly take care of their 2 children.

She soon saw her business go down as customers that were once many became scarce. And as she had insured her business, a plan came to her mind," set fire to the salon and blame it on vandals and then make insurance claims." This may have been the voice that kept ringing in her mind as this is exactly what she did. She wasted no time and set fire to her salon . But before she did that she took away most of the valuable equipments and hid them at a nearby garage.

Police investgations followed after the incident and the woman was bombarded with questions she least expected. Quite confused and defenseless she finally broke into tears and told the truth of how she did it out of the need to save her failing business and to provide a sustenance for she and her two kids.

Disapointing moments in life can crush dreams and shatter hopes of living a better and more enjoyable life experience. And while life itself is full of ups and downs, going through a disapointment is the least that one could expect.


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