Where to Learn Forex Trading Until You Can Get Profit Everyday

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Still losing money in forex? Then it means you will need to learn more about forex. Find how to do that in this article.

Learn About Forex Trading

Learning about forex trading is also an important task as a forex trader. With having a lot of trading experience and also enough knowledge in forex then a forex trader will able to make consistent profit. Most of forex traders failed to get profit consistently because they don’t know how to that properly. If you are one of them then you are in the right place because we will talk about that in this article.

There are several methods which can be used to learn about forex and you can choose which one is the best learning method to understand about this business. In this article I only will talk about 2 methods. It’s by joining forex forum and with using demo account.

Why Forex Forum?

Forex forum is a gathering place for forex traders in all levels. You will meet beginners, experienced traders, or even master forex in the forum. It’s normal because people like to live in the community. You can see that as an advantage because it means you can learn from them.

If you noticed, most of forex forum also filled with forex beginner section, indicators, trading strategy, and forex signal. For newbies then the first place that you must see is the beginner section. In this special section you may get a lot of basic forex knowledge which will support your career as forex trader. As we know, learn about basic things is an important things right? Then you will need to spend your time in this place first until you know the basic in forex.

Indicators section in forex forum is the right place because people shared their forex indicator here. As forex trader, indicator will be our best friend to read the market movement. If you still don’t have any good indicator then it will be a good chance to find a reliable one. Don’t forget to test that first before it being used in real account. It’s essential to make sure the forex indicator fits with your trading style.

Don’t forget to read the trading strategy section in forex forum too. You may learn how other forex trader getting profit from forex market. By reading the trading strategy from other forex trader, maybe you will get something to improve your own trading strategy as well.

Looking for forex signal? Then you will get what you want here. Just remember if forex forum is opened for everyone, it means an inexperienced trader can open their thread too. If you follow them then you may only losing the money. It will be recommended to monitoring their signal at least for 1 week first so you will know if they have a lot of trading experience or not.

Using Forex Demo Account

Demo account is a good place to learn and practice. It’s a free feature from forex company and all of forex broker have this feature. When we use demo account, we can trade freely. It means if our forex account losses then we are not losing any single cent since it’s just a virtual account.

If you noticed, we can even choose the amount of virtual balance. It’s recommended to choose the same amount with our real account. By applying this then it will help you to know if you can get profit in forex or not. If you able to make profit everyday then it means you are ready to use real account with real deposit.

I have seen if a few of forex traders asked about how long they must use demo account? The answer is simple, they can stop using demo account when they can make consistent profit. If they can’t make it, then they just lose their money in real account. Some of people may only need 1-2 months, but the rest of them may need longer time. It will be better to loss in demo account than loss in real account.

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