Which is better cheap store brand or expensive brand name in supermarket? part 1

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Here is the first in a series that discusses foods that you can buy a cheap brand or store brand And whether the store brand is worth the less price and should you buy anything that is a brand name?

United States Department of Agriculture

The United States Department of Agriculture USDA as close as their records go now (now is a few days before December 201) and the

The dates the USDA gives for this first part of a series a date of April 2014 on buying cheap and maybe perhaps more expensive foods and evaluates these types of food.

What the average family of four spends on food for the month

The number of USDA says the family of four spends on average from $563.00 to $1,283.10 each month on food.

Even though most people don't have a lot of money to spend. There are those that are buying the cheapest food they can find. Some people are more concerned that they feed their family every day and have a good idea that they give the family a decent meal every single day So they have no problem with what might be a cheaper store brand or a generic brand

There is always that family of four who make below the poverty level. I did a little research about the family of four and what is the poverty level. I will share. The U.S. Census Bureau says that the poverty level for a family of four with two parents and two kids is $23,283 and for a single mom and three kids is $23,364

THose who can afford brand names and those who have a goal to shop best brands

But there are always those who may make below the poverty level for a family of four (income for poverty in paragraph above this one)

They may want to keep up with their neighbors who happen to be rich. OR they want to keep up with their friend who owns 20 successful companies and can afford brands names and not have the slightest worry about money. Some of these people do buy store brands, and you just might not have known it. And there are those rich people who go to the most expensive supermarkets. But I say good for them. If you can't afford that store that is something to aim for as a goal.

How much you can save buying store brand

Consumer Reports Magazine reports that some people in the year 2009 16 percent of the American's who went shopping for food never bought a store brand or generic. But 84 percent of Americans bought at least one store brand item.

If a family can afford it, it's not as bad that they buy all the best most famous brands of foods when out grocery shopping.

But let's face it. IT's a fact of life. Some people just don't have the money for all the best brands.

Consumer Reports magazine says it's not so horrible buying a store brand. It's not like the grocery shopper in the household buys a store brand of an item.

When they go grocery shopping for the family, and they buy a store brand that can save a lot of money

You can on average save 30 percent on the store brand . But wait that is not the only amount of money you can save up to 52 percent on some items just as good as the expensive brands,

Why we hear so much about brand name foods

HOWSTUFFWORKS is a website that says that WE DON'T hear a lot about cheaper brands because the companies that make the expensive brands of food are paying a fortune in advertising so they make sure everybody thinks the brand name foods are the best The food manufacturer is spending so much to advertise if they didn't spend more money if they didn't spend more money to convince you to buy their product even though it is expensive they fear you'll buy the store brand.Or a cheaper name brand.

Part 1 of store brand and name brand and which is a better deal?

The article I am writing here is the what is a good idea to buy store names and why some foods you MIGHT want to buy a brand name. I will be doing other foods in the very near future. The article here is part 1.

Things that most people drink like milk and juices the shopper of your family should make it a habit and every time they buy the juice or milk and the best buy is for store brands.

They're the famous juice companies and the store brand. If you live in the United States, and you live on the East Coast and your name brand juice comes all the way from the west coast. The meaning of this is to buy a store brand juice

When your juice is made from the furthest state from where you live, the company who makes that brand name juice company makes and off it goes on trucks all the way across the country. The brand names across the country have to add the juice doesn't spoil if it doesn;t have t go across the country.So, in reality the store brand is usually made somewhere near the storm in some area that isn't far from the area where you live. The area it is made might not be across the street from your house. But it will probably more likely than not be in your area. And ones made into your state and better for everybody who buys it. The juice doesn't have to travel as far and the juice less processed and doesn't have to take that long ride to your local supermarket from across the country,

How Publix orange juice held up to professionals who taste food fir a living

The magazine Consumer Reports conducted a study that the store brand orange juice tastes just as well than some of the more expensive brands. Here is how we know store brands taste just as well or maybe even better than name brands.

The grocery store chain Publix has a store brand of juice that cost for the carton $2.99. . These people have experience and know what tastes good. In this taste test the tasters, saId the Publix brand orange juice at less than the Tropicana that is also on PUblicx shelf for $3.48 a carton.

Soft drinks and either name brand versus store or cheap brand

There are sworn fans of a particular soft drink. Some of these people will have something they like about that brand name. These people aren't going to buy a cheaper brand name or a store brand or generic soft drink.

There are those who are faithful to that one famous but expensive depending on where you buy this soft drink. Those people say they like that famous soft drink best. If it has caffeine, some become addicted and are always on the look out for sales, and they will sometimes buy it at a much-inflated price.

There are those at least willing to try a bottle of store brand soft drink at 89 cents a bottle compared to some of the stores that sell the brand name almost 2 dollars a bottle.

The best bet is to try store brand or a cheap brand of some soft drink in the type you like such as colas.


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