Why old times are best -bars of soap

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Old, domestic products aren´t old-fashioned ones, but they´re as good as any others. they can save us a bit of money and they´re environmentally friendly.

Why old items are best -bars of soap

The Spanish Royal factory of the "Lagarto" soap was founded by Lizaritubury and Rizola in 1864. This is a natural and environmentally friendly bar of soap since then.
When I was a child, I recall many adverts on newspapers and magazines as well as on TV and the radio and it had a very popular commercial slogan: "Not even "Lagarto" will remove this stain!"
Nowadays, we won´t see it advertised anywhere, fancy bottles of washing-up liquid or washing powder seem to have been replaced it. Yet, "Lagarto" soap bars will be on stock in almost every supermarket or shop for cleaning stuff.
It seems not to need publicity anymore, because everyone knows is still there for every need on the shelves of many shops.
It doesn´t come wrapped up in plastic, but a mere cellophane paper with its brand name stuck on it.
If one gets badly injured or burnt on any parts of one´s body, doctors will always recommend us to wash the injury with it -never with scented, fancy bars of soap.

I use it ever since I started to do my own domestic chores, even though, there´s always a trendy folk that tells me this is very old-fashioned one. Thus, I´m also branded as an old-fashioned person. Nope! It´s only common sense. I´m against buying domestic items that are wrapped up in excess or those that come in plastic bottles. On the other hand. and not having a lot of money to buy items for every purpose, I buy this "Lagarto" bars of soap either to wash up plates and cookery stuff and when I need to wash some clothes by hand, I use it as well. Shall I have to spend more money, buying a fancy bottle of washing-up liquid and another bottle of handwash liquid? Thus, filling my cleaning cupboard with way too many products? Nope.
After all, this soap is made with the same ingredients as any other fancy soap: oils or fats and caustic soda. If the fancy ones have a delicious smell, it´s because they have added up scent of any sort.
Such bars of soap are natural made that can be also used in showers or to wash our hair. It won´t damage it more than others do.
Am I an old-fashioned one for using this soap? Nope. It´s a matter of being savvy, sensible and environmentally friendly. No more and no less.
"Lagarto" means lark in English.

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author avatar Etc.
9th Aug 2014 (#)

That was a lark! (I'm surprised you can still get this soap. I've never heard of it. Frankly, I can't imagine washing dishes with bar soap--at least not any I've every tried.)

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