Why sharing one´s roof fails

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No one is an island and sharing a flat or a house will definitely help us in many ways.

Why sharing one´s roof fails

Some people search for house or flat mates, because they don´t like living alone, but these, I think, count for just a small percentage of the population. The truth is that living in a city, many people need to share one´s roof for economic reasons if they want to have a place of their own apart from their families.
However, sharing one´s roof pays off if we´re clever to learn from the experience and, of course, we choose a flat or a house mate that is, more or less, on the same wave length as we are. It goes without saying that one isn´t going to get a twenty something if one´s in its forties. Age matters.
When we share a house or an apartment, we´ve to be ready to accept each other´s good and bad traits, provided the bad ones aren´t affecting us a lot.
Your flat mate always leaves the toothpaste opened? Worry not. Just close it up and put it in its place.
Does your flat mate complains because you don´t clean as regularly as he / she does? Provided that you do clean up, tell her / him that not everyone does things at the same time or on the same way.
Does your flat mate pinches your food? Tell them that if in need, they may ask for something, but everyone must have one´s food.
Does your flat mate wants to take a boy or girl friend in? It´s fine, provided the two of them behave properly and the other doesn´t cling to stay there at all times, using everything in the house.
It´s a fact that sharing a house or a flat fails because of domestic issues and if one of them has been used to living alone for long, this person has become a bit more selfish or easily irritable, but this is something we´ve to learn about. However, sharing a house or a flat really pays off.
1. We´ll be able to rent a house or a flat in a good area and have a good house or flat.
2. We´ll pay half of each utility bill, be it electricity, water, gas or the Internet connection. It doesn´t matter who uses more or less. All of these assets are there for everyone to use them at any given time. therefore, it has to be a 50 / 50 share.
3. Sharing food isn´t a good idea, because everyone has its likes and dislikes. Some people are real foodies and others eat very little. So, everyone will do its shopping. Shall we have to mark which is whom´s? It all depends on what they´re like. If we know them well, we´ll know easily what it´s theirs and what is ours.
When we decide on sharing a house or a flat with a friend, there´re a number of things to be learnt and rules to be settled. We may not be for them, but it pays off, because no one is an island and we need to have someone to talk with at home.
No wonder many people that live alone tend to talk with themselves or they talk way too much when they have a chance to meet someone.

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