Why you should master the art of losing

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Without mastering the art of losing you will never make a single penny. Losing is just a part of your trading business. You need to develop your trading system in such a way so that you can easily afford many losing trades.

Art of losing

The moment you have entered in the Forex industry, you have heard some very common dialogues. You have always heard that do not use leverage in your trading whatever the profit is may be. This is one common dialogue and the other common and probably the most heard dialogue is loss properly to win money in Forex. You may think how you can win money when you are losing money. This is like trying to be relaxed and calm when you are drowning in quicksand. Making money in this industry is not at simple. Even the successful Aussie traders face hard times during their trading career. You can never have 100 winning trades in your portfolio. You need to find a balanced trading system which will help you to deal with losing trades in an effective way. The moment you learn to embrace the losing trades is the very moment you find yourself in the line of a successful trader. But you need to follow some strict rules to achieve it in your life. This is what we are going to explain in this write-up.

Losing is inevitable in Forex

There are two things that you cannot escape from mother earth. One is your tax and another is your death. Whoever has told this has said the very truth of life on earth. There is one thing that will add to your life when you become a Forex trader. That is losing your trades. It is inevitable in Forex and you cannot get out of this. It does not matter how hard you try to make your strategy the best in the world, you will always have one trade that you cannot win. The more quickly you learn to accept that you are going to lose in Forex, the more quickly you are going to make money in this investment world. If are searching for Holy Grail then stop wasting your time. You need to find a stable way to deal with your loss. Make sure that you are not taking a huge risk in any single trade and always aim for high-risk reward trades. If you follow this simple tips then even after having more losing trades you will be able to earn money on regular basis.

Loss minimum to keep your profit maximum

One of the proven ways to make money in forex trading industry is to use the money management. If you have a 100 dollars account and you will always lose 2 or 3 trades a day, make sure that you will lose only 1 dollar per trade. In this way, you will lose maximum 43 or 4 dollars. When you have the correct strategy to lose the minimum, it will automatically boost your profit. If you have won only 4 trades in that market and you have lost 3 trades, if you have the strategy to win 2 dollars in your trades, you are going to make 8 dollars. The loss is 3 dollars and the profit is 5 dollars when you have closed you’re trading for that day. This is one good way of how losing properly can make your profit grow in this investment world. You may have some bad day where you will have a negative balance in your account, but you will always make money when you have mastered proper losing.Never get emotional during the execution of your trade. Always do your technical analysis in the higher time frame and focus on the quality trade setup. Try to use the reliable candlestick pattern to trade the key levels of a certain asset.

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I AM a good loser lost hundred percent but not my cool then over gallons of time i recovered made a few gallons extra

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