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Yes, visiting this site I found a ray of hope that one can really make money online!

wikiunut : Where the writers get paid for their work

Today as usually while surfing the internet I saw one article suggesting to visit this site for any new writer who is trying to make money through his writing. Initially I thought what's this new site, and making my mind I just typed the words in the search bar and hit enter. Within a minute I was on this site and after getting the first hand picture I found that any writer who has good or moderate writing skills must come here and try his luck here.

What is this site?

Wikinut is a website which works on the basic feed of articles. This site is for those writers who are trying to establish themselves as writers in this world. As they are having good experience or with less experience they can give a try on this site with their writing skill which if have some substance, then definately they will do it!
There are many sections which a writer can choose from to submit his article. After submission of article the site has its moderators which will check for the meaningfulness of the article and will suggest the necessary corrections if any and after the writer corrects the suggestions he had got his article will be published on this site.

How will they get paid?

When the writer registers himself here, he has to provide his Pay-Pal address and after giving this address the system this site has will share that said share of their income with the writer it means the amount will be credited to the Pay-Pal's account address provided at the time of registration. It's this simple.


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A new writer who is trying to express his thoughts through the pages here. You can call them his stories. After all this community is for such pages.

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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

I have absolutely been loving my time here.
I am so glad I came across it.
I put your article on my facebook page.
I wish more people would use this site.
The moderators are fantastic!
They have helped me so much.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar alphabets
12th Oct 2010 (#)

Thanks Denise O.
Thanks for your compliments.

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author avatar La Verne
31st Oct 2010 (#)

Yeah... Wikinut is very good... I like the people here and the moderators...and that's the reason why I stayed here for a long time though earning in other sites too...

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author avatar alphabets
18th Nov 2010 (#)

Thanks La Verne,

By the way I would like to know those other sites you are earning from. Please respond.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Apr 2015 (#)

Wikinut does not pay much but is a lovely sight otherwise. Many others prove just flash in the pan - siva

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