Wikinut similar websites thats pays you lot of money for writing-Part 1(youngturks)

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Wikinut similar websites thats pays you lot of money for writing

More Paid To Write Opportunities ,similar to wikinut (PART 1)

Day Tipper
Day Tipper pays people to submit useful tips. You get paid $3 for every published tip. Tips that are more detailed and longer in length have more chance of getting published. Most tips look more like articles rather than tips. It is a poor version of eHow.

Common Ties
Common ties is a website where you get paid to submit personal stories. If you story is inspiring you can get paid as much as $1000 to post it on the website. If you think you have an inspiring story be sure that you write a long and detailed description of it. One paged stories are highly unlikely to make any money.

About is the hardest website to get paid to write on. You fillout and send in a long application. Very few people get accepted to write for About. If you do get accepted you will earn a minimum of $725 as long as you publish two full length articles a month. After two years of writing you can be promoted to higher positions.

Total Move
Total Move is a real estate website. They offer alot of jobs on their website, one of which you can get paid to write real estate articles. If you get hired you will make between $10 to $20 per article you write.

Auction Bytes
You do not have to be a good writer to get paid to write at Auction Bytes. It is required that you have alot of experience in auctions. When you get hired you sign a contract where you get paid $20 per article you write. If you are good enough you will be given a personal website.

Wire Tap
Wire Tap is a magazine dedicated to teens and teen issues. If you are between the ages of 16 to 28 you can get paid to write articles for them. Older people can still write for them but their articles have little chance of being accepted. Articles should relate to the issues young people face today.

EPIFfunnies is a website where you can get paid to write funny epiphanies. If they find your epiphany funny they will pay you $10. An epiphany should be funny, insightful, and inoffensive. If your epiphany is published in a future book you get a free copy.

The Dabbling Mum
The Dabbling Mum is looking for a writer with expertise in direct sales. They need 12 articles that are of great quality that can be put together in a column. The pay is $120 for all 12 articles. Articles have to between 500-750 words each.

Landscaping Ideas Online
Landscaping Ideas Online is hiring people who love to write about landscaping. Articles have to be between 600-1500 words and the content must be of good quality. You get paid based on the ad revenue generated by your submitted writings. You can also get paid based on a per article submitted basis.

Looking For Clues
Looking For Clues is a website that pays for articles and reviews on a variety of topics. Articles must be atleast 600 words. They pay via paypal.

How To Do Things
How To Do Things pays contributors to write articles on how to do things in their topic of expertise. You have to apply for certain topics. When you get approved for a topic you can start writing and making money. You make money off google ads placed next to your articles.

All Readers
All Readers is a book review website. They pay up to $5 for each book review submitted. You make money from google ads placed next to your book reviews. The minimum payout is $50.

Method Shop
Method Shop is a website about small electronics like iphones, palm pilots, and internet modems. You make money writing tutorials, guides, and how to's. They pay between $20-$200 per written submission.

Teen Wire
At Teen Wire you get paid to write articles that will appeal to a teen audience. Each article must be 600 words in length. To qualify you have to send them a sample article.

Escape Homes
Escape homes pays members to write articles on the subject of travel and real estate. They pay a set price of $20 for articles. Each article has to be a minimum of 300 words. The good thing is you don't have to get approved.

Love To Know
At Love To Know you can make money writing articles. You can get hired as a site editor to make more money. Site editors are required to write 20 articles per month. There are a large variety of topics to write about to suit the interest of most people.

Software Judge
Software Judge pays to write reviews on software. If you have strong opionons on software you can make alot money writing reviews. However, you have to write about software listed on the website. You have to compile $200 before they send you a check.

Oh My News
Oh my news pays to write news articles. If your article is published you get $2. If your article get published in a top section you get paid $10. If it gets published on the main page you get $20.

i guess this may useful to you all
And this is PART 1 of websites that pays you for writing and i will publish another more best websites on part 2 on tommorrow
thank buddies

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