Wikinut similar websites thats pays you lot of money for writing-part 2 (youngturks)

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Wikinut similar websites thats pays you lot of money for writing

More Paid To Write Opportunities ,similar to wikinut -(PART 2)

At letterRep you get paid to write letters. You can either respond to a letter request or make your own. Each time someone buys your letter you earn $10. They pay by paypal, western union, and by check every 30 days.

Associated Content
Associated Content is a good website for writers. You get paid to write articles and reviews on whatever topic you want. You get paid $1.50 per 1000 times your article is viewed. Most people don't consider it fair pay. I make around $7 per 1000 page views at HubPages. However, it is easier to get an associated content article ranked high in google.

Constant Content
Constant Content is a unique website. You get paid to write articles and sell the reprint rights to them. You can do it more than once. You set your own price on all your articles. Good Articles sell for anywhere from $5 to $250. Poorly written articles usually don't sell at all.

At Epinions you get paid to write reviews on movies, cars, books, websites, music, electronics, gifts, hotels, sporting equipment, and basically anything you want. How much you make depends solely on how many times your reviews are viewed.

The most popular place to write "how to" articles is eHow. They share the revenue from google ads with article publishers. The revenue is split 50/50. They provide lots of tips to increase your earnings, drive more traffic, and write better articles.

At Schvoong you get paid to write book summaries, articles, and reviews. If you are a good translator there are job openings available to anyone who can translate. You get paid based upon how much advertising revenue is generated by your writings.

Review Stream
You can get paid to write any type of review at Review Stream. The catch is your review has to be approved in order to get it published and make money from it. Once it is accepted you are paid $2. After that you get paid $.10 for every comment posted on the review.

Mommy Think
Mommy Think pays mothers to write articles on pregnancy and parenting. They pay anywhere from $20 to $90 per article written. They do not accept any articles that are of poor quality. In order to get started you need to start by writing a short bio.

There is nothing unique about Suite101. You get paid to write articles on any subject you want. How much money you make depends on a number of things. You make money from google ads, how fast search engines index you, how much you update each article, and the quality of each article.

Life Tips
You get paid to submit tips and write articles at Life Tips. Each tip you submit pays up to $10 depending on quality. Each article you write pays up to $250 depending on quality. They offer a really unique opportunity to write 101tips ebooks where you earn commissions.

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6th Oct 2011 (#)

Great information thank you

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Great information. Expertscolumn and Redgage for uploading photos are also paying well.
Thx for sharing.

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Beautiful stuff. Thanks for sharing. This is actually the best ever. Keep them coming my friend.

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Useful ideas. Thank you dear friend.

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Brilliant! Very informative - thanks

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