Win 2 Euros per day to choose two different pictures!

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How to win?
Items to use two sites, one for managing your winnings, the other is the platform in which you must choose two photos of the day.

Win 2 Euros per day to choose two different pictures! 100% Free

They are known for having one of Marketing partnership with several businesses and they can give better feedback on what can be more successful campaign.

To do this, they choose 2 images give its users a day and only have to choose one of them!

Conclusion? Whenever one company makes first campaign, you know immediately which image over accession / acceptance, gaining even more money and save a lot of market research.

I stuck to this site in order to win in just 1 minute, 2 Euros per day! It is a fact, I've seen several proofs of payment and decided to just bet on this site to have certainty that it is something serious.

How to win?
Items to use two sites, one for managing your winnings, the other is the platform in which you must choose two photos of the day.

At registration you should do the following: (1 point attention!!!)

1) In the area where it says - A friend told you about WhitePins +? Please enter here his or her email address and receive extra miles !, fills with my email so you can earn more miles / EXTRA = Euros!

2) The registration is done at this site, advice to click the American flag to you read in ENGLISH! Pff not forget the previous paragraph to earn more money / miles! (in my profile have to fill in personal data and personal data 1 2 for win 20 extra miles)

3) Then you should make the registration confirmation e-mail (check in spam if you did not receive)

4) (USA DATA FIRST SITE) Going to the second site clicks again on the top right side in the American flag to you read in English. You use the same registration data you used in paragraph 2, in whiteplus site.

5) They will show you two images to choose from, you should only choose only one per day. You can choose more for fun, but only interested in 1 per day.

6) Then you should go to and check the right side you have confirmed that you click the preferred image.

7) Then you have to do is go all day to make the comparison. Only lose two minutes of your time per day.

Due to the high number of fraud and the amount of reward to be great. You must verify your account to personal data that you may be paid.
There were several members making dozens of accounts just to get hundreds of euros per day. You have 30 days to make the shipment, otherwise your account is no longer valid.

IMPORTANT : Does the verification through the site and not by email. The process is as follows: Going to the MY PROFILE and you get there in whitepinsplus Edit Profile, Upload Documents Verification, there you send your ID and one proof of your address (Account We, light etc). If email is not successful, tried and did not succeed!

IMPORTANT: Documents, sends the name of Whitepins excrito over, erasing some numbers for your protection.

Arrow To find out if you were VALIDATED the level of documents, checks if you get the 10 miles the next day. Stay tuned to your gains in Whitepinsplus (It's the first site)

Arrow Pay via Paypal. You need 90 days to be able to make payment of the ransom, however, won 180 euros in 3 months. May increase to 3 or 4 euros euros if you do not do immediately raising money.

It is important to follow the arrow point 1 of the register, so you earn more miles / money and also helps me to have more tips in the future.

Arrow Verifiguem always in order to compare the images, it was recorded in whitepinsplus.

The balance is only counted the next day, in WhitePinsPlus.

You may have to do more comparisons of images in the future, increasing the miles, soon making more gains daily, from 2 to 3 euros and so on!

Is important wait a bit before clicking on the picture you want because he has form to detect if you are "cheating", for example if you click on the images very fast or if you click on the image always the same side.
For those who doubt the payments and that is one serious company recommend to enter the GROUP on FACEBOOK and check the various comments and payments.

Any doubt always available.


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