Working and earning at home, can it really be done by anyone.

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This article is about my time earning at home, this page will give you info and tips about earning at home. I do not claim to be a professional at earning online, but I have had some success, so I would like to share the reasons for my success and the things I did to make it work, I hope this article is useful to anyone trying to earn a income on the internet.


Many people love the hustle of a 9-5 job, getting up early in the morning to commute with the rest of the world, before spending a day out working and eventually coming home early evening for bath, dinner and bed. For many others though this is not how they wish to spend there lives, for these people the thought of getting up in the morning, making a coffee and heading for the home office to switch on the laptop or computer is very appealing. Then there are people like me, who due to caring responsibilities, or for others physical illnesses, can not get out to work, this is where the internet is now becoming very useful. I have to keep watch over two people everyday for one reason or another, yet at the same time I like to work, it gives me confidence and makes me happy to earn my own cash. Which is why I appreciate living in a Capitalist society, Capitalism I know has it's faults, but it also gives people freedom, and even when life is demanding, we can still find some opportunity of earning our own money, and living our own lives. Let's face it, in our modern Capitalist societies, all you need is a good idea and a bit of get up and go, and you can earn money easily.

Getting started

Although the internet is full of money making opportunities, it can sometimes be difficult for people to figure the best way to go about earning online. I can tell you from experience, that typing 'work at home' into the Google search engine, and signing up for some of the sites that come up is not gonna get you a wage at home, yes you may make some money, but the time you put in and the money you will get, will be very disappointing and disheartening. Here's the truth, unless you have some extra special computer training and education, you are gonna find it difficult to earn enough at home that you can call it a job.

I have wrote a lot about paid surveys in the past, which are in my opinion, a great way to get some cash from your computer, but this is not a job. I have on occasion earned a couple of hundred quid in a month in the past from doing surveys, but I will not tell you how many sites I was signed for, and how many surveys I had to do each day, in order to get that money, the truth is it would not be worth doing it every month as it would be soul destroying. But as we all know, money makes money, and that's where surveys can be great, I don't mind doing hundreds of surveys in a month, as long as I know I won't be doing it for ever, and it was doing paid surveys which helped me move into buying and selling online, which has been extremely profitable for me. I still do surveys today because the cash comes in handy and without them I would have never got the leg up to bigger and better thing's, but now I no longer do them at the rate I did.

Paid for writing

Another thing is writing, this is probably my favorite way to earn online. I am no professional writer, just a person with a fair bit of info in his head, being able to write this info down, and then get paid for it, is something which I think is great. Out of the millions of people writing online, not everyone is in it for the money which is great as the internet not only allows you to write for money, but also express your ideas and find a audience. This is great and good for these people I say, each to his own, but for me as I am a online worker, then cash is the main reason that I do it. I am not just about the cash, as writing has slowly become a passion of mine, but if writing in a certain way, or doing certain thing's will get me more cash, then you bet your last dollar I will be trying it.

Like I said I am no professional writer, so signing up for online magazines and professional writing jobs is out of the question at the moment, yet through online article directories like Wikinut, anyone has the chance of earning some cash. If you are one of those people trying to spread a message, or find a audience then good for you, but if you want to earn a little extra cash, then there are some simple ways to earn more. One of these ways it to aim to get your articles into the Google search engines, the higher up you are the more views you will receive and the more cash you will earn. While researching online with Google, I now often bump into articles I have wrote, whether I am searching on Google, or being paid to search with sites such as Swagbucks, it's great to see my articles published with high rankings.

Google loves articles with four hundred words or more, so this is one way to help your writing get higher ranks, another way is keywords, not just in the keyword section, but in your title, and through your article, it all helps Google to pick up on your article and place it in the appropriate place. I like to network too, posting my articles on my social media sites and reading and commenting on other peoples articles, but to be honest I have found you will only earn a little extra doing this, much better to get your articles high up in the Google search engine, that way the world can see your articles on a daily basis, and not just your online network. The main thing for me though when making cash from article directories, is too write informed articles, with information that people will need. Writing about your day or you life is good for people expressing themselves, but it will not get you much cash, I have found that I need to write things that people need, advice and ideas that may come in handy for some.

Do your research

There are many ways to earn online, writing and paid surveys have been great for me, but I will admit that I could not have earned a living doing it, but they did give me a leg up and some cash to play with, when starting a buying and selling business. The key in my opinion to earning online is research, I spend a lot of time doing it. Whether I am researching an idea or information for a new article, or researching new paying websites to use and write about, or researching products, whats selling and whats not, so I can make the best investment for my cash, I can tell you I would not have had half the success I have, if it wasn't for my research. So whether your writing, answering, clicking or selling, keep it up and aim to improve because money can be made online.

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author avatar traceh
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Thanks for the advice

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

Thank you very much for all your useful information!

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author avatar micheal
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

your welcome Fern

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author avatar peachpurple
10th Jun 2014 (#)

i like hubpages, bubblews and wikinut, great place to earn some bucks

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author avatar Paul
22nd Aug 2014 (#)

I love Swagbucks searching.. There's a few others that pay you to search like Inbox, Zoombucks, Sendearnings. Hey- it all adds up..

Bing Rewards is nice to:

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author avatar David LeFever
27th Aug 2014 (#)

Quite informative. Great honest article.

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author avatar micheal
27th Aug 2014 (#)

thanks for all the comments

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