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Enjoy writing? And earning money? Then you'll love getting paid to write online... join Wikinut and earn a 50% share of any advertising revenue your pages generate.

Earn money writing online

Wikinut allows you to write content on pretty much any topic, and then we'll publish your page along with relevant adverts. You can write about your hobbies, experiences, news, thoughts, ideas... the possibilities are endless.

We then track your pages and pay you 50% of any advertising as lifetime royalties - so you'll continue to earn weeks, months and even years after your page is published.

Payments are made monthly by PayPal for safety and security, on all balances over £5.

Wikinut is a great way to make money writing online - so join for free today.

We'll help you to think of writing ideas, and help you promote your work

Like the idea of earning money online, but stuck for ideas? Have a read of our 8 writing ideas for some inspiration. And you can ensure you catch the eye of potential readers with our guide to writing great page titles.

You can learn about promoting your pages in the search engines with our SEO guide, and find out how to spread the word via Twitter and Facebook.

And if you have loads of content already written and gathering dust on your hard drive, why not upload it to Wikinut and start earning from your work - read about how to recycle your old writing.

So if you want to get paid to write, then sign up for Wikinut now.


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author avatar Chief Nut
Overly excited co-founder, keen to share the buzz so please get Wikinutting and give us some feedback! I'll be writing about new features as we add them to the site, and a few other topics as well.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
22nd May 2010 (#)

I cannot seem to find any information on how to become an reviewer. It would also be good if we could send messages privately to other writers perhaps?

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author avatar Chief Nut
23rd May 2010 (#)

Thanks for your comment.

Our moderators are chosen by invitation from our best authors, and most regular users.

As regards private messaging, this is one of the things we are considering for future functionality.

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author avatar Yeshel Asif
12th Jul 2011 (#)

would u please tell me what should I do? because I live in Pakistan and here paypal is not available .. Is there any other way I could get my Payment?

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author avatar Martin Dansky
21st Jul 2010 (#)

Would like to know about whether you would consider allowing writers to plant widgets from amazon, google or other sources, on the blog pages to promote revenue...

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author avatar Minakshi
1st Jun 2011 (#)

i am new wikinutter.have written 6 pages so far.2 are published.rest are unreviewed.7 people have read my article.and commented too.but my earning is zero.when do i start earning?

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author avatar simplyoj
13th Sep 2010 (#)

Hi there Chief Nut. I just want to ask how are referrals earnings are computed? The payment guide only indicates : "Your referrals royalty rate is 5% (typically equivalent to 10% of the author's share)

The statistics page shows only the earnings from the pageviews indicated on the left column.
Based from my experience, I only received the actual earnings from my pageviews.
Hope that the guides will be more explained and transparent. Thanks a lot!

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author avatar kaylar
9th Nov 2010 (#)

chief nut...I just got a payment! Thanks...but isn't it 'early?

BTW...could you allow people to pm you or their mods or each other, to avoid public exhibitions?

Thank you

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author avatar rowanman28
14th Dec 2010 (#)

I have no idea how this site works, and I think it's a lot more complicated than you said, with the black belts and stuff.

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author avatar Retired
17th Apr 2011 (#)

Enjoy being ripped off - and any real "literary" quality of writing is ignored. Why because you are about pushing money- advertising- nothing but a money making scam- Nothing to Do With Writing!!!

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author avatar kafsoa
29th May 2011 (#)

Chief Nut; I see you don't reply for any comment here but this is the only way I have to contact you. Paypal doesn't work here in Egypt. Is there another method to be paid?

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author avatar P.D. Padmasiri
10th Sep 2011 (#)

Chief Nut, I am from Sri Lanka and joined Wikinut since 1st August,2011 and continue writing with much interest. I have my Paypal and given details to Wikinut on the day first. Though I complete 1 month and 9 days, I am not paid yet. No any clue of payment. How does it pay is little known to me. I hope I am paid for September. Kindly enlighten me on how I am paid for. Many thanks for valuable advice and support.

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author avatar Write on
3rd Jan 2012 (#)

Chief Nut, I too have questions about how we are paid. It says 50% of royalties, but I am still looking to understand this concept. Is there any further explanation?


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author avatar Retired
6th Jan 2012 (#)

I don't run wikinut or anything - just joined myself - but on the royalty questions that so many of you ask - I do have an idea how it works. You see, you don't get paid just because you wrote an article, or because someone viewed it - the payments kick in when people click on advertising links on your page. But it's the content of the page that brought them there - so good writing and lots of articles give you a better chance that someone will click on an ad on your page - make sense to some of you that were confused? And if I got it wrong wiki guys - sorry - just so many people seemed confused so I thought I'd put in my input.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
18th Jan 2012 (#)

Well thank you for all your good advise, it is really going to help me even if I don't make any money. I really like this write.

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author avatar pohtiongho
29th Aug 2014 (#)

I have contributed more than 100 articles and my earning is still below 2 Br. Pound. Is there any mistake on your calculation? My average is 1 US cent per article!!!!

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author avatar Nomanoy
17th Mar 2016 (#)

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author avatar Nomanoy
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