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This page is about Zujava, a writing site similar to Hubpages and Squidoo but newer, a place you can get paid to write about your passions.


Zujava is a online writing site which is very similar to Squidoo and Hubpages, the difference being Zujava is a much newer website, anybody who is passionate about writing can come and write for Zujava and earn money through there revenue sharing system. After a simple sign up process you will be ready to create a leaf, like Hubpages have hubs and Squidoo has lenses, on Zujava you will create a leaf, share your knowledge and expertise by creating good, interesting and helpful content that readers will love to read.

There are a couple of ways to get paid on this website, you can get paid through the ZQ ranking system, ads are placed on your leafs by Adsense, and when somebody flicks on them ads then Zujava gets paid, in turn you will receive 50 percent of this money, as this site is new we can not expect to much money through ads but earnings will grown as Zujava online presence does. You can also earn more money through your leaf by adding a sales module with Amazon, Zujava is trying to get Ebay modules set up also in the near future, any sales you make through Zujava's monetized will be split between you and the site.

Is it worth it?

A great thing about writing for Zujava is that you only need a Paypal account in order to get paid, this is the only way to get paid with Zujava so make sure you have a Paypal account before signing up for Zujava. There are hundreds of different topics for you to write about on Zujava and you will be sure to find something of interest, whether your interest is cooking, health issue's, books or movies, Zujava provides you with a outlet to share your passion and express yourself, and you will be paid for the it. Zujava pays its members in dollars and once you have earned five dollars they will transfer your money into your Paypal account,

Zujava could well be one of the major content writing sites online in the near future so getting in now and getting your leafs prepared could mean high earnings in the future, sites like this are simple, the more writing you do and the more leafs you create then the more chance you have of earning money. Zujava is not a get rich quick scheme and you will need to work hard at first writing lots of brilliant leafs but once this is done you can sit back and watch the money roll in. When you first start on Zujava you will be in something which is called the petting zu, which basically means your leafs will not be published until your first three leafs are checked by the people who run the website, this is so they can check they are getting good content for Zujava, and need to check your work meets there standard befory publish your work.

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