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Revenue sharing writing sites online, have become much more popular these days for people making money on the internet. But people not only use them to make money, some people use them as communities they can interact and meet new friends. This page gives my experience writing for these sites, and how I have found them so far.

Writing articles

When writing articles online, it is important to write about the things that you are interested in, this keeps the whole process of writing and publishing on the internet much more fun. If you are hoping to earn a reasonable amount of cash, from websites which will publish your work, and share the revenue with you, then it is going to take a lot of hard work.

Article writing is not a easy way to get hold of yourself some money, in fact it is a really hard work, and in order to do well, you will have to work very hard, and maintain that hard work for a long time. So I would say its best to write about things you enjoy, so your work stays interesting to you. But at the same time, in order to achieve success, and the cash you want out of your articles, it is important to write about things that the general public are going to be interested in. It is the people, the general public around the world who are going to help us earn money from our writing, so we must tap into subjects, that people in general are going to want to read.

My advice

Some advice I have for new writers online who are trying to break into the world of writing on the internet, is do not believe everything everyone says. I have seen people talking on these revenue sharing sites, putting down other writers because of the way they choose to use the site, this really annoys me, who made these people god.
They complain that people do not comment, they complain people do not put images on there articles, in fact they complain about everything. I wrote a article months ago and this particular article has been my most successful as far as the money it has made me. Yet this article got terrible feedback from a certain moderator on this certain particular site, apparently it was not structured right and needed images, the spelling was bad and the title was no good..


Luckily for me though Google disagreed with this moderator, and this article like some of my others was placed at the very top in the Google search engines, and has been bringing in me money on a daily basis ever since. Some people use revenue sharing sites just to get there idea's and writing out there, some people use them to make friends and meet new people, while others use them as a professional platform to make some money from writing. How ever you use these sites, enjoy them, and do not be deterred by what others have to say, if you really want to make money out of your articles, instead of looking at everything everyone is saying, get on Google and learn about keywords and Seo, it will be your fastest route to success.

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Very interesting post

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