You are your own savior when it comes to saving money

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As I write this article and its sections, I think of George Samuel Clason's basic saving advice. Make smart decisions and get your purse to fattening. Although crisis points and all of that seem complicated, they are that simple. Make minuses into pluses and change water into wine. This is what this article is really about.

The savior... of money.

It all starts with intelligent decisions. That is true for everything, from aesthetics, to spirituality, and everything in between and after it and before it. All we have to do even in a crisis, is start by thinking alert and intelligent, and end by taking intelligent and alert actions. Those who genuinely fail, always panic and depend on luck to get them through.

The real savior in any matters is not panic, or a hat full of Suze Orman/Alan Greenspan type messiahs doing their thing. It is you doing yours in an intelligent and logically reasoned out way that keeps your head on your shoulders and not a head in the sand screaming from underneath the sand to let the experts handle it.

Listen, the only real expert is the alert, intelligent and honest person there for themselves, that is it. There is every sort of fake novice who looks the part of expert, but, that is the only genuine and real expert I know that can save anything or come close to saving anything genuinely, including money. I am going to keep this section simple and succinct, but I will say what George Samuel Clason says in the "Richest Man In Babylon" about and from Arkad the Trader: "Start Thy Purse Fattening".

The Genuine Profit Motive

Creativity, not competiton for what others have is the genuine profit motive. You want to do more for yourself, not so much keep up with others. For creative thinking is the genuine key to the profit motive. Not so much keeping up with others competitively. So, when I say, get your purse fattening, like George S. Clayson says. I do not mean to say get rich for appearances, I mean get rich to creatively and genuinely enrich yourself. The real secret of big businessmen that really get rich like J. Paul Getty, Mike Milken and Steve Jobs is that secret. All the "want to be" people get rich for traditional competitive appearances reasons, or as I said rich for appearances.

Traditional competition depends on appearances, real creative riches depend on doing what you really want to do and creating value for yourself and others at it. Get it? The genuine profit motive consists of getting satisfied through creation instead of purely through competition. After all, creativity is action. Competition is based on reaction. Creation is original, competition is second hand. Indeed, the creative world does not depend on appearances, it depends on originality and a good foundation. Competition has no foundation, it only copies. In short, the genuine profit motive is based on becoming a Master Mind that does not depend on appearances, but on realities and values that need creation and production.

Indeed, also, the most powerful idea in the world is originality and uniqueness. What I mean is "keeping up" is competition, blazing an original trail is creativity. Competitive thinking and action is war. Original thinking and action is genuine business. Think about that fact deeply, and you will find that I am right. Real profit only comes through original thought and action. What comes from competition is "keeping up".

Take me to the river

You can save money like a river flows. Let me explain this with a little help from Dr. Robert Anthony's examples: Currency and money flow like a river, and you can save or spend, it does not matter, the currency and money will keep working like a river. You can take from the river of money with a teaspoon or a tanker, but if you only take one teaspoon and one tanker and use it up without getting more or save without using in any way, it is all no good. No, there has to be cash flow without stagnation or halt of any sort. What do you think is really meant by liquid assets and all of that kind of thing, anyway?

If you save too much greedily with fear of not being able to make more soon, that is bad too. Those are stagnant assets. Genuine liquid assets work like a river, if you use some up more will be able to flow in with the ability to capture them made possible by your actions and realities. The fantasy is that more cannot be produced once you get what you get. That is the purest fantasy, because this is an abundant universe, and more is always being produced from substance, atoms, and the like. Indeed, poverty is a form of fantasia and insanity for those who are perfectly healthy and able to capture more or make more or produce more. So, when I say in the title of this section "take me to the river", that is part of what I mean. When considering the river of currency and money as I am considering it here, greed is not all right, greed is not good, because it says that fantasy literally that the supply is limited to what is apparent and available, when there is so much universe out there, and so much apparently in the world to capture wealth wise. Three percent of the people capture ninety-six percent of the wealth because they unconsciously and consciously realize what I am writing about, ninety-seven percent are struggling because they consciously deny and fear what I am talking about like sheep going off a ledge with the head ram not looking anywhere else but stubbornly running over it. In reality, existence and the universe have no limits. Anyone who thinks that it is all limited is living in that sheep like fantasy world. Anyone who knows and admits the truth lives in reality.

The one thing I agree with Dr. Martin Luther King on is not racial, but universal. One time I saw a clip where he said, "You better earn, baby, earn, instead of burn, baby, burn." What he meant is, earn and produce more than you spend, and you will see abundance as well as have abundance. When the saying "beggars cannot be choosers" came about, this understanding that abundance is the law, and scarcity is the unreality got covered up. Well, I am uncovering it and showing how it can work in the life of anyone, by simply doing grass roots earning. Fill up your barrel or tanker from the river, drink and use some of the water, and then fill it up some more. It may take some work at times, but to be rightly rich and prosperous is worth it!

Nature of the best, and nature of the beast

Competitiveness is not productivity, genuine creativity is. Creativity is the ultimate "liquid asset". Competitiveness is the ultimate copying machine that tries to make a better widget from the other person's creativity. In short, competitiveness is legalized stealing in a sense. To pull out far ahead in life and existence, you must be creative, not purely competitive. Sure, the hare ran faster than the tortoise, but why does the hare always lose the race? Overconfident competition. Under confident creativity and fighting spirit is always better like the soldier who burned his ships when he got to the enemy's shore and the soldier won the battle without a loss of soldiers except that the other side lost their battle. Get my point? The best is creatively powerful, while the worst is overconfidently competitive. How do you think Apple got its start and made IBM scramble to compete? Yes! Creativity is the nature of the best, competitiveness is the nature of the beast.


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