You want more, you get more than one day.

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If we want more, we will never have more than we gave each of us can just wants money, too much to live well, but unfortunately not all have the same rights.

A dream too far.

Many times we wonder why we can not make more money than that, and always have the answer, or we give an answer, not too much work so we can make much money we want.

It's a very tragic thing when we think, ladies but what will we do tomorrow we do not have what to eat or what we do not have children in school package that we have.
Yes it is a big problem, and we can not escape very quickly or very slowly, yes sometimes our life is like a cloud, because as the sky turn black and the storm begins, and so our lives can be ransacked by a large storm of life.

Although we know not too many let's think only of what we can do to survive, because if we hope will receive money for nothing, or expect charity can not always so.
Although we stand to think of a dream of ours to have our own business, or you can win as possible but we can live less civilized.

This is just a fad that we must use when we think of money, because that money can we see them many, are false or bad faith, that we can not bring anything good in what we want.
But let's get an idea that lead us to our simple value, what we want every day, we give some money not many, and we want to be good as long as we can.
Yes it is a good idea of what I wrote above, but not always can put up right or left foot is very concise exactly this reason, for each of us.

But let's put in a winning balance in the amount of 100 dollars a week, and if I win this amount in a month, yes it is hard but us as we work a lot for 100 dollars in one month, which is a disaster for us, because no one can help us more than that.
And we have never peak as much as we want, we will not be able to put aside money because we have where.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
1st Feb 2015 (#)

Interesting page.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Feb 2015 (#)

Nowadays is so difficult to have money. You work to pay.

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