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Your location is currently not accepted at this moment. It make's me crazy and said to myself that the restrictions impose on numerous countries should be reconsidered. The reasons are stated below..

Paypal Suppose To Accepted Worldwide

Most if the websites that is making this heart breaking remarks such as: your country is currently not acceptable, your location is restricted, you cannot access this at the moment and all the scraps are countries with reputable pedigree.

Countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and others are know in the world to have the highest security. This security tend from human protection, property security, resources, capital, and even online protection rights and high secured network around the globe.

Other's countries take a cue from them. USA for instant, has the highest secured network online in the world. Then those website owners online in business and payment platform go to the most secured level online.

With this technical know-how, the operators and websites owners should have a simple system that identify a legal citizen of a country around the world. To access if the documents tender by a member that want to join a particular website is genuine or not. Knowing that a lot of real business that are well paying and genuine are online, but out of reach from those sincere, honest and good citizen of their country.

This is sobering and unproductive. It hinder the eloquent mind set toward making real money online. The gap on online business should be bridge especially by United States and other countries with this same attitude of restricting countries from gaining access.

Online has made the world a global village. Why restrictions? Why access denial? Why African Countries? Why Nigeria?. Why not prove to the world that you have all it takes to secured any person from the world its IP address wheither Africa or Europe.

IP addresses from around the world should be accepted and not denied. Only one world, one internet, and one access. Websites owners on business, payment platform, receiveing money, deposits, loans, investment in developed lands should be able to track and ban any illegal activities online. Better still, they should deal with individuals and not Country.

In this way, honest ones online will find making money online the best community.


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author avatar Nadine May
11th Feb 2014 (#)

Really? Nigeria does not yet have PAYPAL? That is truly sad but I'm sure It will come. It took South Africa years and now in the last two years we had to close our USA PayPal account and get a local PayPal account since we live in Cape Town.
Good luck and do not give up!

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