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goZing is a website which offers it's members a way to earn money by taking surveys. This site was once bought and sold for thirty million dollars, and claims to have paid out over five million dollars to it's international members. But how good is this site? And is it it really worth it? Read this article to find out.


There are a few paid survey panels around which you can do really well with. I have found about ten altogether, which send me a load of surveys every week, and I can really make some money with them. I have about ten more which are good, not as good as my main one's, but still worth doing. The rest are sites which wouldn't be good to people wanting to earn quick cash online, they are real slow burners, and take time to get paid with, but if stuck to, you can get a payment from them.

goZing is one of the sites that I use, and I would put this in the third category, it takes time to earn with them, but can be done. goZing is operated by uSamp, which is a big market research firm which is very well known. This site was so successful a few years back, it was sold for 30 million dollars, and it is still around today, offering you surveys for cash. I signed up to this site not that long back, I am yet to have a pay out from them, but my earnings are heading in the right direction. I don't usually get that many surveys sent to me from goZing, instead I have to log on to the site each day, and check if they have any available surveys for me to do. Most day's they have something new to offer, but whether or not I will qualify for them, well that is a different matter all together.

I don't qualify for very many at goZing, that is the truth, i'll get one or two a week, but my earnings are building up slowly. Personally I am not worried about getting paid by goZing, the site is created by a respected market research firm, so there should be no worries about getting hold of your earnings once I have earned them. goZing is free to join, and can be used by teenagers as well, anyone over the age of thirteen, is permitted to use the site.

goZing make payments easy for there members by offering them there cash by Paypal, and once members have taken enough surveys to earn themselves 15 pounds, they can redeem there cash. Is it really worth it? I think it is, I take surveys everyday anyway, so logging in here to see if they have a survey each day for me is no big deal. Most times they haven't got one, sometimes they have, but it is another option to try for a survey when I have taken all the surveys sent to me by email. It is a investment of my time, which will sooner or later earn me fifteen pounds in Paypal, you can't expect to earn a lot here though.

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1st Oct 2014 (#)

Thanks for sharing.

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1st Oct 2014 (#)

your welcome

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2nd Oct 2014 (#)

Another successful site Micheal? I will keep you posted, cheers!

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