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Taking surveys can be a good way to get paid online, but if you want a lot of cash you will have to sign up to a load of survey panels. Some panels are good and some not so, but the odd one is great. Read this article to find how good iPoll is, and weather it might be worth you joining.


When it comes to paid surveys, iPoll is a pretty new survey panel out there available to earn some money with. The people behind this site, are Matt Dusig and Gregg Lavin, and it is these to who were behind the founding, of the website goZing.com. goZing is a website I will be reviewing soon, and is a site which claims to have now paid out, over 5 million dollars to international survey taker's on there site.

There is big money in market research these days, Greenfield Online inc, owners of the paid survey panel Toluna, paid 30 million dollars to buy goZing in 2005, which shows how good that site is. United Sample the company behind iPoll, are a massive market research business, and have many international corporations as there clients, so I think we can say this site is built on a solid foundation. In the three years just gone, iPoll, has had a few complaints, but each and every complaint, has been dealt with and sorted out in a quick and professional manner. So this shows that although the site can get it wrong, they are working with there panelist's, to deal with their problems, and make the site a better place to work.

If you want to join iPoll, and start to take surveys for money, then the only requirement is that you must be at least 17 years old, so no teenager's wanted on iPoll. It is a free paid survey panel, and it won't cost you any money to join, in fact they will pay you to sign up, with a sign up bonus of 5 dollars. The truth is iPoll is nothing out of the ordinary, it does have it's own little style but is no better and no worse than lot's of other paid survey panels out there. They send out a fair few surveys, one or two on a daily basis, I don't always qualify for every survey, but I qualify for enough, to make it worth while.

One good thing about this site, is that it doesn't work with a reward system. I mean by this that you get cash for every survey you take, instead of points. And with a payment threshold of £10, there is a pretty low redeem limit, which doesn't take to long to get too. Once you have earned enough to redeem your earnings, you can have the cash placed into your Paypal account, or take your money in online vouchers, such as Amazon. If it is not about the cash for you and you have more than enough money anyway, then you can donate your earnings to a number of different charities through this site.

This is a pretty good website, built by a respected and trusted market research company. My advice when using this site though, is that you do need to get in and take the surveys quick, the longer they are left, the less the chance you will have of qualifying for them. Not a bad site all in all, but not in my top ten of paid survey panels either, just another for the list.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Sep 2014 (#)

Lets give it a try my dear Micheal!

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author avatar spirited
30th Sep 2014 (#)

well they do take a long time to move your points across from earned to really being part of your points total.

To get a paypal payout you need $50 Australian. Lesser amounts are mainly only donations.

I suspect them myself because the amounts they pay for surveys varies so much and is not consistent. I only touch the small surveys would not waste my time on any over thirty minutes as invariably you then waste your time as something usually plays up with their survey server...

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author avatar micheal
30th Sep 2014 (#)

I stand corrected, 15 pound pay outs with Amazon, or 28 pounds Paypal for UK, im taking amazon myself for most of these sites I do now.

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