money isn't what we think is

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money ,do we really know what money is? If you think you do , think again in this artical I will talk about it.

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I was like most people in life , I used to say to my self if I was rich , I will be the happiest person in world , just like a lot of people in life money can be good and money can be bad I have once seen a man who had won about two million bucks ,when he got the money he went around the neighborhood telling every body that he had won some money , as bad as this economy is people needed money .keep in mind this was a nerd with no friends , his family even abandoned him they kicked him out he stayed in abounded houses ,all of a sudden his so called family started coming arround telling him that they loved him all that was lies just to get a piece of the pie meaning his money, so fell for that he gave a lot of money to his mom and some to his brother's and sisters ,even his neighbors had a piece of that money ,women coming from out of no where telling him that they loved him there was one particular woman that he liked a lot , but never gave him the time a day,all of a sudden she started coming arround acting like she likes him when she really don't ,but he started to develop stronger fellings for her ,so he decided to marry her ,she was in for the goods ,with all that money she knew if he died any minute ,she will get to keep all that money ,so she started influencing him to gambling ,doing drugs, she even got thinking he was better than every body around him, he started curssing the homeless people out,telling them to get a job,all along his so called wife had big plans for him,you see the reason why she got him on drugs was to set him up ,she knows the types of drugs that he's on at ,night she decided she was going to keep all that money for her self,so she over dose him ,so she put the drugs in his drink before he went to sleep that night, the next day he was dead,so she ran. out side screaming telling every one that she didn't know what happened , the investigators were suspicious about her story ,they did an altopsy on him and the amount of drugs in his system it was more than an average man can consume ,neighbors started noticing her behavior she wasn't acting like a grieving widow, all she kept on asking about was the money, investigators put two and two together and they found out that she did it , she lost the money and went to prison for life with out parole. so you see money is the root of all evil money can destroy your life and money can't buy you happiness or love it can only buy material stuff just temporary stuff so the next time you wish for a lot of money be careful ,my point is money isn't everything we think it is don't get me wrong money can be good too, if you are carefully and know what you are doing.that's my message to every one .chow chow for now.


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