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My latest book will be published on 6th April. Here is an appetite whetner.
After a one-night stand with Rafe, Sami realizes she wants him back and heads back to Salem to spring her news on him.
What happens to Port Charles citizens when the mob boss with a heart of gold is killed off?
After her deal to revolutionize the Internet World falls through, Natalie decides to get even with Chloe and take her daughter, Bella from her.
On Saturday we travelled to Worthing in readiness for the UK Southern Book Show, which was being held at the Pavilion Theatre on Sunday. Read on to find out more about it
I recently visited my American family in Charlotte. Read on to find out more about it.
Angelus doesn't get his soul returned and stays alive, but Drusilla pushes Buffy into Acathla. Soon, Angelus, Dru and Spike will rule Sunnydale while Buffy's in Hell facing her Vampire double, the one from Season 1's 'Nightmares.' She says something that will make Buffy want to become...
Kralik turns Buffy in Season 3 and she runs into Spike. A futuristic Spike from Season 6. How she came to be in Season 6 instead of Season 3, through a wish that Halfrek grants and suddenly, the turned Vampire Slayer is switched with 'our' Slayer from the 'Bargaining' which stays in ...
Buffy will become Dru as Dru gives her something to body shift. She will transform into the Vampiress and will dust the real Dru as she becomes her. Remember Faith and how she shifted their bodies when Buffy became Faith and Faith became Buffy? This is what happens between Dru and her...
After Angel Season 5 ended, Angelus returns through a curse by a Wolfram and Hart survivor and someone against Angel and his team, Lilah Morgan. Angelus then captures Buffy and Spike without them knowing that the other is also captured. He proceeds to torture Buffy in front of her m...
Spring is almost here! Time to update your closets and get ready for the fashion transition. And with a new season comes – you guessed it – brand new fashion trends! Some of the most exciting new developments come in the area of women’s footwear, where you’ll see stylish and f...
These are all someone else’s property and slip and falls rank among the most common causes of injury.
Jenny feels that taking a holiday might help her to forget her break up with Tim. Her friend Sarah is looking for a holiday romance, but Jenny is definitely not. Read on to find out what happens next.
It is also a Buffy/Spike/Angel prompt set in the 5th season of Angel, the finale 'Not Fade Away.' Illyria was the only one that died but the remaining group survived: Gunn, Wesley, Angel, and Spike. Buffy also died by fighting an escaped Ubervamp from Sunnydale.
Winning championships is not solely down to the car, its the driver too. My opinions are my own, so read on to find out more
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