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Before buying gold or any other investment, a due diligence process should be mandatory for prudent investors.
The person that is wise enough, strong enough and patient enough to do the right thing, at least almost or all the way unswervingly is really great. Without those qualities though, permanent loss is imminent. Time and patience investments that are successful are what this article is r...
Firstly, we must make the distinction between saving and investing unmistakably clear. Storing money in a tin that is hidden at the back of the kitchen cupboard classifies as saving, as does placing money in an average savings account at a solid bank in return for little or no interes...
Many people invest for their futures in the stock market. All kinds of companies, even those that started small, have gone public, as they say, and offer shares of their company to people who want to invest and (hopefully) see their money grow.
Many people live check to check and have a lot of trouble when an emergency comes up. This rule of thumb is a good barometer to whether you are healthy financially.
Get-rich-quick schemes have been exposed time and again but some people still fall for them. Be on the lookout for scammers' schemes by checking your greed meter and knowing about the tell-tale signs of fraud in investment dealings.
Learn how to invest for the future by converting your retirement funds in to something worthwhile
Foreign banks are making use of currency swap to make more profits. Abolition of zero per cent interest schemes of banks by RBI is a right move as it will ensure more transparency in dealings. After all there is no free lunch. Debt ratings of major banks have been downgraded but it wi...
This article will explore one way a person can take when trying to establish their credit to ensure a financially secure future
Indian Bank will be bailed out every time its net worth runs out. But other banks should be careful. Public sector banks still dominate Indian banking scenario. Farmers’ loan waiver has been eaten by the bank staff because they also consider themselves as farmers. You can dial *99# ...
I probably should be a little cynical about the stock market and other ways of investing, but I’m not. As a member of the millennial generation, I haven’t been investing for very long. But I plan to stay become more invested in the stock market and eventually invest in real estate...
There are many different types of investments: shares, bonds, property, cash. They are all different and useful for different investment objectives.
This is a huge shift that could change life as we know it. Why has no one taken this on yet? Maybe I have a limited and naive view, but I don't think the concept is impossible at all. It would take work, it would take listening very deeply to God/Spirit and a community ready for chang...
The traditional way of earning their daily bread, is working in offices and facilities of a company or a business.
Let build Africa from scratch invest in Africa and make the continent a good place. there are millions of opportunities around
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