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Start by tracking how much you’re spending on groceries for a few weeks. From there, come up with a weekly or monthly budget. Allot that money for groceries and whatever you do don’t go over
What will happen to you and your loved ones if you lose your job for a few months? What if you get into an accident that may prevent you from earning a living? Or what if some unexpected expenses come up. Do you have anything in place to make sure the bills continue to get paid and yo...
Being prepared as much as you can is your best bet when live throws you a financial curve ball.
how to save money ... there are many ways .. just start
Bank fixed deposits, NSC, KVP are not safe investments in India as corrupt dishonest intelligence agency officials will steal the documents after making fake black money allegations, to force their victim to agree to identity theft
A look at the methods used by corrupt powerful officials to harass harmless investors, domain investors in India
The shocking story of how incompetent dishonest officials waste huge amount of indian tax payer money and resources to defame, cheat, exploit harmless investors for more than 5 years without any proof at all.
Every man dreams of spending his evenings on scenic beaches without having to worry about money and work. Do you also think like that? If the answer is yes without any hesitation, then the time has come for some intelligent decision making. Remember, everything is possible, and hence,...
Saving is the most important habit to save money at a time when it is utilized to tide over the crisis in life. Without saving, it is very difficult to approach any lender or any financial institution for advancing loan for the purpose...
Four tips to help the intrepid shopper save money when buying at warehouse stores.
These days, the simplest things are expensive. Remember the last time you went on vacation? How all the expenses started piling up? But there's a trick that can save you some big bucks and score you the vacation you deserve. Curious?
For those who are living in Singapore, OCBC has a saving account that is called OCBC 360 Account, which has the best saving interest in Singapore currently. With their new changes implemented, you are earn up to maximum of 4.2%. Read more to find out how!
It's sales time - again! And every year with a same question: whether you should be excited or not? How to achieve double pleasure without spending all of your budget in one day? Follow these quick steps and advice.
Part 2 of tips to save money while grocery shopping.
This is an article of knowledge I have accumulated in saving money while grocery shopping.
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